Friday, July 25, 2008

“Are you getting the most out of your Server?”

A file server is a computer responsible for the storage and management of data in a central location. Network clients can access these files, therefore saving them from having to physically transfer data from one computer to another. With the advent of broadband technologies such as DSL and cable modems, the everyday user like yourself suddenly has a big chunk of bandwidth, not only for download, but also upload. Here are some common problems.

• Login Restricted
• Storage Capacity Full
• Heavily fragmented servers
• Server Failure
• Network Failure
Tried of the e-mail timeout error messages? Whatever the cause of failure, the best way to keep them from damaging your organization is to use and maintain your servers through Perfect Integration. We use an enterprise-class solution to server backups to keep you up and running regardless if a failure occurs or not.
• Administrators need to proactively prevent or minimize problems when they occur.
• Diagnose the cause and take corrective actions to fix the problem
If your company is suffering from computer problems slowing your office down you need Perfect Integration's Pro-Active Monthly Maintenance. The plan is only $19.95/Month/PC. Get started today!
We guarantee you will:
• Minimize Computer Problems and Glitches
• Have Fewer and Less Costly Service Visits
• Increase Productivity and Efficiency
• Enjoy Computers Running at Peak Performance
• Have a Dedicated Technician you can TRUST!
Call (760)-929-2319 FOR DETAILS! Money Back Guarantee! Only $19.95 a month per PC!! Visit our website at for any other questions.
Click the link and below and watch while the Director of Operations, Justin French gives out his expertise without any cost to you!!

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients:

“We are so excited about finding such an excellent IT consulting firm. You have done an excellent job for our firm and we really appreciate not only the professionalism, but also the way you respond to our needs so quickly and always take time for our simple little problems even when you are busy. Thank you for everything. We look forward to working and growing with you.”

Laura Davis
DeLellis and Associates San Diego, CA

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