Friday, July 25, 2008

"Perfect Integration says "No" to businesses using Windows Vista"

While working directly throughout San Diego helping thousands of companies troubleshoot their numerous (IT) Information Technology problems I keep getting the same headaches of fixing problems that arise with these companies using Windows Vista as their in-office (OS) operating system. Here are some of the problems I have found with businesses using Windows Vista.
• Software incapability
• Slowness
• A lot of bugs
• Annoying advanced security options
As you know, retail stores are not selling computers with windows XP any longer. The only way to get a computer with Windows XP is by going through your local IT consultant firm such as Perfect Integration who has access to this operating system. After much analysis my recommendations are to use the following operation procedures:
• Stick with Windows XP professional
• Microsoft extended the support for Windows XP
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We guarantee you will:
• Minimize Computer Problems and Glitches
• Have Fewer and Less Costly Service Visits
• Increase Productivity and Efficiency
• Enjoy Computers Running at Peak Performance
• Have a Dedicated Technician you can TRUST!
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Here is a testimonial from one of our existing clients:

“Thank you so much for all of your help! Our computers are running faster than before. We are very satisfied with Perfect Integration’s services.”

Frances Torigoe
GT Machine Carlsbad, CA

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