Friday, July 25, 2008

“Use Acronis for your company backup needs”

It's no secret that backups have become a high priority among top executive’s minds. But, for the most part, the process of backing up data to tape still leaves storage administrators guessing whether their backups have been successful. In fact, business analysts report that on average 40% of backups fail for a variety of reasons including.
• Media Failure
• Human Error
• Software Failure
• Hardware Failure
• Network Failure
So how do you fix the problem? Whatever the cause of failure, the best way to keep them from damaging your organization is to verify your backups by performing regular test restores. Perfect Integration uses Acronis, an enterprise-class solution to backup, restore and migrate physical or virtual servers. This software basically takes a snapshot of your server and then if failure of any kind occurs that snapshot is restored.
• Switch to Acronis for all of your backup needs
• Stop using tape backups and switch to disc backups
If your company is suffering from computer problems slowing your office down you need Perfect Integration's Pro-Active Monthly Maintenance. The plan is only $19.95/Month/PC. Get started today!
We guarantee you will:
• Minimize Computer Problems and Glitches
• Have Fewer and Less Costly Service Visits
• Increase Productivity and Efficiency
• Enjoy Computers Running at Peak Performance
• Have a Dedicated Technician you can TRUST!
SIGN UP NOW and receive an External Hard Drive, a USB Flash Drive, or a Windows PC-FREE!!! Call (760)-929-2319 FOR DETAILS! Money Back Guarantee! Only $19.95 a month per PC!!
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Here is a testimonial from one of our valued clients:

"We used Perfect Integration for our IT needs when we started our business. We made a mistake by using a different company. The reason we came back to Perfect Integration is that they are the most normal company to work with. They do not use technical IT terms to confuse us and are fair on price. They do not take advantage of us and help create solutions so we can make money in our business".


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