Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Has Your Office Out Grown Your Computer Network Server?

Most businesses today have a computer network with multiple computers inside their office. Now these computers normally have a central point that is considered the heart of the business, this is called a server.

A server is a technology central point for any business with multiple computers. Think of it as, the heart of an organization's technology. Just like a heart of a human, keeping our bodies functioning in everyday activities the same goes for a server in a computer network environment.

The server is allowing the information highway to run to each computer node seamlessly. Just like blood flow in a human body that takes nutrients and spreads them throughout the human body, the server does the same using cabling to transfer information to each computer within your office.

Eventually, the server will become overloaded with information, like an vein getting clogged from plaque not allowing blood to flow to the heart if an individual doesn't exercise, the computer network is the same way if you don't run a maintenance check on your server you can overload it and problems will occur. When information is overloaded slowness of information occurs and many problems follow.

Without a server running smoothly problems will occur and these problems could mean losing your entire network and revenue streams for multiple business days due to computer failure.

So you need to ask yourself how much is your information worth to your business?

Maybe investing in a successful back-up solution is worth never experiencing any down time for your company or even seeing that blue screen of death that pops up on your server.

So what should you do to protect your business?

Securing your data is the best investment a firm can have because it is protecting your businesses information. Using multiple back-ups allows your business to never experience any downtime and if they do at least your information is protected and you can have them up and running in seconds. These back-up methods range from off-site data housing at a disclosed location or even taking home an external hard drive after every business day in case of a natural disaster depending on the size of your company.

Click the video feed and watch the Director of Operations, Justin French better explain how to identify if your office has outgrown your server.

You should have your computer network server checked to see if your company is at risk for a computer overload and what back-up methods you can use to protect your business.

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Brian D. Mudd, D.D.S.
Diplomat, American Board of
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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