Friday, September 12, 2008

How to Set-Up Your PDA To Receive E-Mails

With the thousands of types of phones out in the mobile industry today, wouldn’t it be nice to receive e-mail directly on your PDA smart phone device?

Smart phones are taking over internal business processes because they give you instant updates on a mobile device in real time. This means you could be out and about doing your everyday business activities and still be receiving e-mail alerts as if you were in your office sitting down in front of your computer screen. How many times have you missed a deal because you didn't receive the email in time?

Businesses today are moving into a more mobile technology era. Being able to accept appointments on your e-calendar via your smart phone from someone working at the home office setting agendas for you is changing how business is done. Your whole day could be spent running around to appointments without ever going to your office. This will boost productivity, streamline business processes, and increase revenue for your business.

Nothing is a surprise anymore when you walk into your office and everything important has almost already been received on your PDA in an e-mail form. Response time to major issues is still up to par with using your PDA to reply to your e-mails instantly because it keeps up with the speed of technology without being at your office.

The world of the virtual office is here and being a mobile executive allows you to keep up with the speed and trends of the economy. Business users today need to stop waiting for the big fish to bite on their lines they need to be able to dive in the water and catch the big fish with their bare hands!

Watch below while Justin gives a real world example:

Call Perfect Integration Today, your Local IT Experts, and we will do the following:

1. Set Up your PDA to receive emails on the go
2. Set up synchronization to critical company data such as calender, contacts, tasks, etc.
3. Configure your phone with the proper business software to keep you productive

Setting up your PDA phone yourself can be a complex process, so leave it to the computer professionals in San Diego.

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Jeff Demerest

Advantage Business Research Carlsbad, CA

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