Monday, September 8, 2008

Why Perfect Integration Is Better Than Geek Squad

Geek Squad is a RESIDENT ONLY computer service that allows homeowners to get computer help with a quick phone call away. When a business comes along, how can they find business computer help when they need it?

Fortunately, there is a company like Perfect Integration, Inc. that comes along in the San Diego business market and offers a BUSINESS ONLY computer services that keep San Diego’s finest corporations up and running smoothly.

Perfect Integration is your one-stop-shop for all computer needs throughout San Diego and we have client list that spreads throughout the greater San Diego area. After one test run with Perfect Integration companies don’t use other Information Technology firms based on our 99% customer retention rate that has just been released.

Click the link below to get a detailed description of why Perfect Integration is better then Geek Squad and many other IT firms.

We value every customer we serve and information security for businesses is our #1 priority. Trust is only build after time so, call today to set an appointment to meet with a Perfect Integration executive to discuss how we can help your business and build a relationship that will prove our loyalty.

CALL TODAY (760) 500-6043

Here is a testimonial from one of our valued clients we serve.

"We have had excellent results using PI’s consulting services.Their response to our critical emergency around our server issues was a real life-saver".

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President & COO
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"The NexAira in Wireless Solutions"

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