Monday, October 20, 2008

Analysis of Final Debate 2008 Canidates- Obama Vs. McCain

After coming off the previous 2 debates, McCain seemed to be the underdog. Compared to Obama, McCain in less charismatic, less eloquent, and has a somewhat shorter fuse which i noticed throughout the debate. I also recognized that Obama started talking into the camera more compared to his previous debates instead of just looking at the mediator. McCain used a more combined approach; talking to the camera, and the mediator. McCain really hit on some strong points like the Ayers and Acorn connection to Obama, and his buddies in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
McCain has a great resume and should of stuck to that more. Obama fails to realize McCain's long record of bi-partisan leadership over the years, and i believe McCain could of hit on this strong leadership point much more during the debate. Obama kept his cool about his connection to Ayers and Acorn, but never reputed some poor comments from the campaign trail. I also felt that Obama does not answer questions as directly as McCain and talks around the issue, like the 280,000$ for Acorn... Obama is trying to portray a new leader role for a new generation, but i think personally his resume does not support him enough to become the next president. I really laughed at and enjoyed the comment McCain made to Obama that he wasn't George W. Bush, and perhaps if he wanted to compare him to George Bush, he should of run in against him in 2004. This was McCain's strongest debate, but i don't think it was enough to persuade the independents and liberal conservatives still un-decided. The positive leadership styles of McCain seemed to be his passion about the topics, his military background, and more of an authoritative style for this debate. Obama's leadership style was more charismatic Democratic compared to that of McCain, but i still think the fact that Obama constantly agrees with McCain says something about Obama's little experience and lack for support of small businesses.

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