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P.I.'s Top Ten Services

Perfect Integration, Inc.
Top Ten List of Services

When doing Business Development, many prospective clients ask me, “what is Perfect Integration, and what does your team do over there?” Well, its time to answer this simple yet highly important question with another question: “If you could find a company that maintained all your Information Technology services for your business, followed up with you, and pro-actively serviced the computers, network, and communication services for your business, and had technicians you trusted, then why haven’t you found out more about Perfect Integration?”

Here is a list of our TOP TEN Services we offer our valued clients:

1. On-Site Desktop Support- Computers have become a huge part of our daily business lives. If your computer acts up, we troubleshoot these desktops and get them to behave once again.

2. Computer Network Integration- Your network is the highway your computers use to communicate with one another, and access the internet. We make sure your network is set up right from the beginning, and protected from the outside threats that exist daily. Because of the many variables, networking issues can arise, and we have the proper tools to asses the issue and solve these problems the first time.

3. On-Site PC Monthly Maintenance- Do you bring your car in for Maintenance? Of course you do, AND you should have your computers serviced by professionals. We have a 7 point inspection, optimization, and tune-up we run for our monthly maintenance clients that come in the next day and notice a difference in the speeds and efficiency in their fresh PC.

4. On-Site Server Support- The server on your network is the brain of your organization. Top priority is disaster recovery and PROPER back-up of this server. Next is monitoring the hardware/ software of this server to catch any miss-haps before they occur. Our enterprise level server engineers keep your servers up and running.

5. On-Site and Remote Back-Up- First we do a back-up image of your pc’s and servers, then we back-up critical data off-site because insurance companies give incentives for this essential service to business continuity.

6. Internet Connectivity & Security- If your office is on AT&T DSL or any other DSL service, then call us right away! Your office could be exposed to a wide variety of security issues, and un-reliability and no quality of service. Your business could suffer un-wanted downtime. We sell quality, reliable, and guaranteed internet and voice services and have partnered with many local ISP’s in San Diego.

7. Infrastructure Cabling- if you need to move a data drop, add a new pc to the network, or re-locating your entire network to a new office, then we can handle this sometimes daunting task. We will handle the project management behind it for you, drawing of specs, and actual termination of all data cables and labeling.

8. On-Site Printer Repair- maintaining your printers helps the longevity and up-time of your office printers. We have partner companies who service and maintain all the office printers of our valued clients so they are always able to print out the new IT budget when needed with ease.

9. On-Site Laptop Repair- Our on-staff laptop engineers can repair anything from software to hardware issues and have you back up and running with full mobility to and from your office in no time.

10. Technical Staffing & Recruiting- Lets say you use Perfect Integration on an as needed consulting basis and all of a sudden, you need one of our techs part time or full time for additional support and service. Because our techs are on our payroll and we staff them, you save on payroll taxes and workers comp by using perfect integration technical staffing services because we find the right candidate for the right job. We also have recruiting and placement services so for a small fee, we find you the proper candidate and allow you to hire them directly because you know we have the quality technicians your business needs. So next time you need a full time tech, try out perfect integration and see the difference!

Click the link below and listen to Justin French explain the benefits of P.I.'s Top 10 Services.

Now you get a feel for Perfect Integration’s Top Ten List of Services. If you need any clarification on these valued services, please contact me, your Business Development manager, Keith Tacla at 760-500-6043 and wee look forward to servicing your IT needs in the near future.

“We can only say that your service has been top notch. We appreciate your quick response to our distress calls. At the level at which we operate it is nice to have an IT company that is familiar with our system and can troubleshoot over the phone.”

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