Monday, October 20, 2008

San Diego Microsoft Windows Server Specialists- See the Difference by using Perfect Integration, Inc.

Hello all Current/ Prospective Perfect Integration Customers,

We hope all is well and that the economy hasn’t hurt your business to much in these trying economic times. Perfect Integration is busier than ever! We hope you are focusing on your core business model and that your computers are up & running! If you are a current Perfect Integration customer, because of our pro-active approach, we know you have seen a REDUCTION in IT spending this year. We know you are happy by taking advantage of our pro-active monthly maintenance program we recommended, you have seen IT problems and glitches DECREASE over the years.

The New Year is approaching, and this is the time where our Director of Operations- Justin French, communicates to our existing clients his professional observations of your Information Technology Services at your office, regarding budgeting accordingly for the New Year.

Based on industry research, failures of servers, and your current It status, we are now recommending new servers every 2-4 years to keep up with the trend of:

  • Data consumption
  • Data growth
  • Hardware dependability
  • Software complexities.
  • RELIABLE & TESTED Server Back-up

Disaster recovery is part of this new server solution, and based on your current systems, we are recommending you speak directly to Justin regarding your server and the status of this critical office component that functions as the brain of your computers and network for your organization. Please contact him directly at 760-717-5908 to discuss your current IT and server needs for 2009 and be sure to take advantage of this call!! He will personally give his professional and expert observations, recommendations, and areas of improvement for your office moving forward into 2009. Please DO NOT pass up this opportunity!

Best Regards,

Keith Tacla

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