Monday, November 17, 2008

Is Your Office Prepared The Next Time Your Server Goes Down?

Have you ever read this server error message on your computer screen at work?

This is what happens when your server crashes!

Don't worry we can help. At Perfect Integration, Inc. We are Server Specialists!!

We will keep your server up and running smoothly using these 8 tools:

1. We maintain your server in a pro-active approach using 24/7 monitoring

2. We will design a virtual server solution making backup take minutes

3. We can eliminate server downtown and error reporting

4. We provide on-site and off-site data backup for your server

5. We receive alerts when your server has reached it’s maximum capacity

6. When software or hardware errors occur we receive an e-mail and a work order

7. We can assist in server upgrades and migrations

8. We verify if you have the proper software & hardware in place

Listen to our Senior Level Engineer better explain the vaue behind having a disater recovery plan in place by clicking the video below:

Here is a testimontal from one of our valued clients:

Hi Justin and Mark, I just wanted to say that you guys have done an excellent job. I really appreciate all the hard work, and the dedication to saving me money. I know it was a difficult job to coordinate so many different systems, software, other companies, and still make a web page, but you guys pulled it off. All with very little stress on me. You truly held up your end for me. I will recommend you highly to anyone who needs your services.

Dr. Brian Blalock

Monday, November 10, 2008

San Diego Computer Consulting "We Are Window Server Specialists"

Perfect Integration’s New Partner

Office Depot & Tech Depot are a leading direct marketer of computer and technology products. We have over 100,000 business, government, and education customers. Our account management team, combined with our robust on-line catalog, saves our customers time and money. Joining Perfect Integration will allow businesses the chance to receive discounts on all service related software and hardware products.

Tech Depot, an online computer and technology reseller located in Trumbull, CT, operates as a subsidiary of Office Depot, Inc., the world's largest seller of office products. With Perfect Integration now a partner with Office Depot you can receive quotes on servers and other software that have prices that can’t be found by just buying from them directly. Working with Perfect Integration allows you a chance to get quality products at a price that can’t be beat! Call Perfect Integration today for a IT audit and then we can quote you hardware or software that can bring your business value with cutting edge technologies.

Listen to the Director of Operations, Justin French explain to you the value of Perfect Integration’s new partnership with Tech Depot:

At Perfect Integration we are an enterprise level IT firm with years of experience in San Diego helping businesses turn around their companies with innovative technologies that save companies money. We are Server Specialists and this means all we need is access to your server and we can design custom databases, back-up methods and value added tools that will build efficiency within your office and save your company money.

Now’s not the time to cut back on Information Technology spending. If you want the revenue coming into your company to run smoothly then your intranet within your company needs to be your number one priority right now! Companies need to understand the hidden value in the IT within their office and invest a small amount to see big savings with just a few small changes.

“We can only say that your service has been top notch. We appreciate your quick response to our distress calls. At the level at which we operate it is nice to have an IT company that is familiar with our system and can troubleshoot over the phone.”

Christie Tugend
Christ Church Coronado