Monday, December 1, 2008

How to Survive In This Weak Economy

#1) If Layoffs Are an Option, Layoff In-House IT and Replace With Managed Services

• You will get the same IT services with a Pro-Active 24/7 Monitoring system

• You will Save tens of thousands of dollars by cutting costs on un-needed salary expenses

#2) How Will I Know When Something Is Wrong With My Computers?

• Once error reports happen on your server it will automatically produce work orders

• We will repair remotely or come on-site if needed

#3) How Much Saving Will I See If I Decide To Switch?

• Minus the monthly salary you already pay for your In-House IT Staff

• Replace with a monthly bill of $150 a month for the same services

When cutting costs within your organization and thinking of ways to redesign a infrastructure for your computer network where you will be getting the same services without the same cost is how Perfect Integration’s Managed Services program works.

All we do is install this innovative monitoring software on your server and you will only hear from us when there is a problem within your server and computer network.

Instead of wasting money on an IT salary that just sits there and waits for something to break before they start working. Imagine a pro-active support team that contacts you and lets you know when you have a problem instead of the other way around keeping you up and running longer and smoother down the road.

Call Business Development (760)500-6043 for more info on getting set-up on a Managed Service plan that fits your organization. This is the biggest cost cutting savings you'll ever make, call today!

Click on the video below for a better explanation:

“Perfect Integration is a smart choice for computer services advice and support. They are quick to respond to our needs with a solution that guarantees results. Our technician, Justin, is always friendly, professional and competent. We recommend Perfect Integration to anyone in need of professional technical support for their business.”

Dan Porter Higgins- Director of Sales and Marketing
V2O The Venue Long Beach, CA

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