Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Social Media Strategy for 2010

Do you need a Social Networking/Media Strategy for your business in 2010?

Some owners will keep spending on (PPC) Price Per Click Campaigns, Paid Placement, E-mail Blasting methods, even Online Advertising.

They may even bring in an Online Agency to oversee these various campagins to make sure you are getting the best (ROI) Return on Investment you can think of, and it's going to sound like the next best thing.

The value you get when you bring in a Social Media Consultant is learning how your business can adapt it's core competency, or the one thing that sets your business apart from others, and use these various online tools to help brand and shape this fabric of your business until your presence is known as the sole proprietor of it's niche.

The online world is wide open for ANY business that wants to take that next leap year step ahead of any of their competitors' NOT using Social Media for Business.

I did list some Marketing aspects that many businesses use today above, but if you take that extra chance to see what Social Media can do for your business it may be that one piece of the puzzle that your business model needed to skyrocket ahead of your competition.

Having someone inside your business that can be trained by the experts on how to use these online tools for business is what we specialize here at Social Networking San Diego.

The outcome is simple, it's based upon developing a strategy around your core business problems and using your designated trainee to implement in a proactive approach the content needed to reach the audience we will control and build for you.

Every company that works with Social Networking San Diego is in a way a partnership. We will be constantly available to answer questions and help move the business along it's virtual path in the online business world.

The difference is instead of you not knowing who is clicking you online ads and PPC campaigns, yet with Social Media you see your network and can reach out to every single person in it. These are real people wanting to do business every single day. All they ask is for someone else to answer the other end when they have an inquiry.

How much is not caring what people are saying about your business online costly you?

It's up to Marketing Departments to look into new ways of getting the word out about their companies and if Social Networking San Diego has helped hundreds of business understand Social Media for Business then why not give them a try to see how they can help you.

Visit us today @ http://www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com
or Call (760)575-4367 M-F 9-5 PST

Monday, September 21, 2009

Everybody Wants Something For Free...Is There Such a Thing?

In a bad economy such as the one we live in, does it seem like everybody you come across in business wants something for free?

When running a business, spending time on pay for performance business relationship models could really suck your financial focus away from the business in general.

Here are some things to look out for from calls and conversations looking for freebies:

*How does that work?
*Can I just get all the free info I can first?
*Are there any free estimates or trials?
*I'll pay you once I see that it helps my business ok?
*Is there a free e-book I can read first?
*Can we work together on a commission only basis?
*Just show me it works!

New ideas enter the business climate everyday and business owners are very edgy when it comes to investing in a new ideas without any proven track record of R.O.I.

Time and time again big companies will squeeze the life blood away from the small businesses and start-ups that are the driving force to get us out of this recession by making them go the extra mile for them just so the small business can get the big business as a client testimonial.

It's a never ending game of egos and financial wars to take the fittest companies out there and see if they'll survive against the giants. Social Networking San Diego is a very new concept for business owners to understand and most business owners view it as "me too" company. "I'm a social networking expert too, "me too" hire me". If there are so many users out there why couldn't any of these people help my business?

The answer is they can but someone needs to take the ropes and put in the time needed for these sites. If you are hiring a Social Networking expert for your company you have skepticism about who is an expert and who isn't don't you?. Yes, I know millions of users are on these social sites everyday but, how many of them have business degrees with technology backgrounds with a track record of using Social Networking for Businesses?

My point is you can still do the old Marketing tactics you've been doing and getting the same results for your business or, try something different and use a new way to market your business online. Offline marketing is important but, together with online tools could bring in the business you need to move your company forward for the future.

3% of businesses are out there in the world we live in that use Social Networking Sites for Business purposes ONLY. If this is the case and you want to market you firm using these new and interesting interacting online tools then what better than a company in the 3%? This is where Social Networking San Diego lies in the 3% and please set a appointment to meet face-to-face to discuss how we can build a strategy for your company and move it along into the 21st Century.

I guess one thing will still stay the same...content is free.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Guaranteed Twitter Promotion Results

SNSD Twitter Campaign Has The Following:

• For $250 you get 100 clicks to your targeted URL with targeted geographical audience attached using Twitter for Business

• It's up to you how much you spend. (example: 1,000 clicks = $2,500)

• If you already have a Twitter account then ALL we need is your username and password to accomplish the above and 300 plus followers of targeted audience.

• If you don't have a Twitter account we charge $250 for set-up.

This is in a one month period and tracking reports will be given on what part of the world these people are clicking from and total # of clicks with peak market clicking times.

Twitter Promotion Case Studies

Client Twitter Promotions
Company A
Start Date: 7/8/09
Twitter followers: 34
Total clicks to website: 0
Objective: Use Social Media to sell 50 tickets @ targeted URL

Current Date: 8/8/09
Twitter followers: 515
Total clicks to website: 720
Outcome: All 50 tickets were sold and more outside donations were made.

If interested in getting set-up on a Twitter Campaign for your business then contact:
Global eMarketing Solutions, Inc.
DBA: Social Networking San Diego
760-575-GEMS and we can send you the proposal to begin your campaign.
Keith Tacla
Vice President

Monday, July 20, 2009

Is Having a Blog Important For Your Business? Well, What Are The Majors Doing?

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Social Media may be something you may or may not be thinking about for your company but, even if you sit back and read the reports coming in from how social networking has helped the Top 500 U.S. companies, the results may surprise you.

A report conducted By: Eric Mattson, Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D. at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research recently conducted one of the first statistically significant, longitudinal studies on the usage of social media in corporations.

The new study compares corporate adoption of social media between 2007 and 2008 by the Inc. 500, a list of the fastest-growing private U.S. companies compiled annually by Inc. Magazine. For details about the 2007 Inc. 500 and the complete directory of the included companies, please visit Inc. Magazine's website at www.Inc.com.

"This study revisits the Inc. 500 approximately one year later (using the 2007 list) in the first longitudinal study on corporate use of these new technologies. Given that previous research now shows that just 11.6% of the Fortune 500 currently having a public blog, it is astounding to see that 39% of the Inc. 500 are blogging. The addition of 3.6% more Fortune 500 companies to the blogosphere pales in comparison to the addition of 20% more of the Inc. 500 companies after the same time period".

This is a clear example that CONTENT IS KING and the more to offer relevant content that your target audience is wanting the more chance you have of keeping or getting their business.

Some blogging platforms out there are Blogger.com and Wordpress.com these sites are both good starter points for any small business to get set-up on and Wordpress will be a little more SEO friendly for your search rankings.

Twitter is a mirco-blog and is also a quick and easy way to get set-up on some internet traffic headed your way with new leads knocking on your virtual door. Your virtual key to connect the two paths with your prospect is networking. Here in San Diego we have dedicated our company to helping people network on the internet using social media for business check us out at: http://www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com

Happy blogging and the more you update your content the better! Blogs are the new company website showing up on business cards and social media website bio links instead of the old static website that never gets updated which costs 20k to build!

Save money and get a blog set-up as soon as possible, trust me you won't be sorry.

Need help writing content in a SEO friendly way? Our online experts can help by either posting the content you send us for your blog and we will post in a SEO friendly way with keywords attached OR you can 100% outsource the amount needed to update your blog with content to our team of content writers.

Contact us today for more rates:
Global e-Marketing Soultions, Inc. DBA Social Networking San Diego

Monday, July 13, 2009

How To Get More Business Through Social Networking

With the thousands of sites out there which ones will get me business the quickest?

Answer: ALL of them!!!

It's not the question of which sites do I choose to get set-up on, people are on thousands of social media platforms left and right but which ones you decide to network on and interact with are going to be the deciding factor if you are going to get new business or not from online marketing.

Building a online marketing strategy is the foundation for any success and turning the virtual relationships you've built and turning them into real world relationships is the key to success!

The top 3 things to get you more business online are the following:

It takes TIME to care about what these people are saying in their conversations and if it's worth your time to try and build a business relationship or not with them.

Every Sales and Business Development person has a target market for an ideal prospect so the question is how much time do you have to search on these many social media websites for a new lead that fits in those guidelines?

To tell you the truth if companies had time to build this interaction then my company Social Networking San Diego would be out of business!

Our prospects fall into 3 categories:

1) Some individuals within a business understand which sites are good to use they just need training on how to use them, this is where we come in.

2) Some businesses have a little time to dedicate for this but, want to work with us in a joint partnership with giving us their content and we post it in a SEO friendly manner in hopes of getting more leads.

3) These Enterprise firms are to busy and have no time for this aspect for their business but, know the value behind it so, they 100% outsource the time needed for interacting online to us. Our content writers will write blog posts and our business development team with forward all leads to the proper sales teams.

Regardless of what areas your business falls into if you don't start putting the necessary TIME needed for social networking online for your business your competitors will jump on this before you do leaving your company in the dust.

You can still do the things you've been doing and get the same results or you can decide to go down a new road that has a proven success rate attached to it.

At Social Networking San Diego we don't care what you decide but, we will be here if you decide to discuss clear next steps for moving forward for the future of your businesses growth even in a bad economy.

Visit our website today http://www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com and get started or continue to waste more money with old marketing tactics with diminishing returns.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What are the Top 3 Twitter Tools?


Here are some tools that area must have to be a successful Twitter user.

Google for Twitter

Type search.twitter.com into your URL now to see this Twitter Tool.

-You use this to extract keywords that people are using on Twitter that tie into your target market.
-Then you follow these people and hopefully they will follow you back to begin the interaction process remember you can only message someone after they follow you.


Download this tool for the best Twitter platform out today!!

- The tools that Tweetdeck offers are like no other allowing tinyurl's to be made and Retweets.
- Also you can make columns using the search icon for target market extracting.
- Tweetdeck also allows you to see those that are talking about you.


Twitter Yellow pages

- This application is important to use as the new yellow pages of today.
- This is important for Business Development Needs.

We are running Twitter promotions for companies today using these tools discussed above and you will soon see that the amount of time needed on these sites can and will need to be turned into a full-time position for any firm.

Attaching an online marketing department to your business will increase your odds of more pre-qualified, inbound leads working with the already offline marketing tactics you may be doing.

Best of luck and contact me for more info:
Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 3 Social Networking Sites


The very first Social Networking sites to get set-up on as a working professional would have to be Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook hands down. These websites are online tools that will mine online gold with your company's offline shovel. The reasons why these sites are important are very simple to understand. People are on them!

Let's take a moment and talk about Facebook:

* Facebook is now the 4th most visited site in the world.

* Facebook this week signed up their 200 millionth member.

* Facebook went from 100 million members to 200 million in just 8 months.

* Facebook has made $300-350 million dollars in revenue.

With these stats the numbers speak for themselves. Facebook is growing at a amazing rate and this is becoming a problem for many colleges due to the fact that more students are in lectures on their Facebook page instead of following the lesson plan for the day. Businesses are restricting the use of most sites including Facebook due to the fact that employees are using up company time to be on these sites and network with friends.

The world is changing and people are now going to their favorite Social Networking Sites to see updates on their friends and get current status of what people are doing with their lives.

Now let's discuss Linkedin:

* LinkedIn has 42 million members.

* LinkedIn has monetized $75-100 million dollars in revenue.

Linkedin is the virtual Rolodex for the 21st century. This Social Networking site is for the Business Professional to use as a tool to create discussions and interact with different professional groups designed around industry specific topics. Linkedin is one of the best tools for any Business Development/Sales position to add a online tool to the already active offline marketing tools these professionals are using.

I use Linkedin for Social Networking San Diego as well as train professionals how to use this site for business related needs. I have met with many other professionals from my linkedin connections and also have had other companies ask for direct quotes for my service from the interactions I've made on Linkedin. This is real and powerful for any company today!

By using Linkedin as a Business Development tool you will see an increase in potential prospects for your company as Linkedin becomes the new virtual lead generation system. If you are a Business Development person for your company and the pressure is on to bring in new leads to your firm you might want to think about using Linkedin as an online tool that will place more lines in the virtual ocean in hopes on reeling in that big fish, and with training on how to use Linkedin with all it's functions available, you might get a bite from that whale you've been hunting your whole career!

Finally, my favorite Twitter:

* Twitter has 14 million members.

* Twitter has 54 million monthly visits jumping membership by 76% in 3 months

* Twitter apparently has 0 revenue making it the People's Site!!

In other words, Twitter, with its small membership, is an extremely sticky service where its members are making more visits per person than the other sites, and more overall visits than to LinkedIn. You can understand the buzz around Twitter and why there have been rumors that Google is negotiating to buy them out.

It is, indeed, a mixed bag, but no one doubts the future potential here, and thus all of these companies have huge valuations regardless of these numbers.

Overall, the media is lumping social media together into one, but as you can see there are vast differences in terms of membership numbers, services, and growth, as well as demographics. Some sites show little if no revenue when compared to the traditional companies that we know about online.

In order for companies to monetize on social media, they need to understand the dynamics of each of the sites, become members themselves to understand the different functionalities that each site has, and then create and execute a plan to drive new business from these sites.

The strategy, as well as the tools employed, will have to be different depending on the site, and just the fact that it is USERS and not COMPANIES that are controlling these sites, there will have to be a lot of creativity employed in order to find benefit from either directly advertising or driving people to another site where they can sell them something. Social media will require businesses to consider a new and creative approach in order to monetize on them.

The solution to this problem is Social Networking San Diego. We consult and educate our executive level clients how to form a strategy using social media and social networking sites to increase traffic to company websites and increase sales.

More Social = More Search = More Business it's that simple!

Contact me to discuss how to formulate an Online Marketing Plan for your Business:

Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego
Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ktacsocal
Direct: 760-500-6043
More Social = More Search = More Business

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Many Eyeballs Do You Have Turning Into Cash for your Business Using Social Media?

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If you use Twitter to market your business then you are ahead of the curve with understanding the potential social media has to expand your business. Having a Twitter account is more than just putting yourself out there and hoping you get contacted for your next big business deal. Interaction is the key and if you treat Twitter as a cocktail party and you work the room getting to meet everyone that has entered your Twitter world this is a good first step in the right direction.

The people with the mindset of, “what’s in it for me” will NOT do well using Twitter for business. This is due to the fact that we are going back to the older ways of doing business through building business relationships online. Now, the people who are on Twitter using all of the tools it has to offer like Tweetdeck, Twellow, search.twitter.com and many others are ahead of the pack. There will be people who claim to make millions while using Twitter and I would be very skeptic about these individuals because if it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

The way I look at Twiiter and many others is like word of mouth on steroids. Content is KING and use your expertise to drive people to you and begin the interaction process how hard can it be to see who's interested and who isn't in what you have to offer? You got them interested in what you have to say or they wouldn’t be following you but if you care you’ll get back to them. This will take time and if you don’t have an hour out of your busy day to market yourself and what you do online then it’s not worth even getting set-up on Twitter.

Thankfully companies are noticing that they need to spend the time needed to interact with these individuals online and if they can’t make the time companies like Social Networking San Diego can put in the time needed to build your business relationships online for you. There really is no science to interact with someone that leaves you a message but, once you are set-up on thousands of sites you need to create programs to tie them all together and drive people as one to your website and increase it ranking down the road on Google. This is no easy task and if you have some programming skills you might be able to make some tasks easier but, I would leave it to the experts that have proven they have helped businesses expand using online tools they have already built and tested.

When companies come to Social Networking San Diego they fall into two categories:

1) They want some training because they are set-up on some social media websites and just need some training on how the monetize the social media sites for their business by learning how to build business relationships online.

2) They are way too busy to invest any time in a social media program but, they understand the importance and outsource the time needed for these sites by having Social Networking San Diego be their virtual online marketing department.

Overall, if a company does NOT understand the more eyeballs that are on your business offerings means more cash coming in then those companies will lose out as many other companies already set-up will be passing them by. Social Networking San Diego cannot help everyone unless they see the value in online marketing using socila media websites but, if you understand that people are on these sites with close to 1 billion users now online interacting it may be time to look into marketing to this audience in the near future.

The time is now and this is simply working with your offline marketing that is currently in place for your business. We aren't asking you to drop everything and start right away but, the time could be now to start thinking about getting a budget together for a service that brings real value to your company.

Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego
Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ktacsocal
Direct: 760-500-6043
More Social = More Search = More Business

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Actual Numbers Revealed on SNSD Online Social Media Marketing System

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Some may question my expertise with Social Media for business. With all of the information and the facts aside what type of results are you producing for your clients in social media marketing, social networking, and on-line marketing campaigns?

I am constantly asked by skeptical individual business owners that don't believe we are a valid Social Media Company- “So if I could get you a budget for your program what would the (ROI) Return on investment be for me?

Well, first off, every industry is different and every company offers something different to the public. Think of your on-line marketing system like a fire burning. The more you add fuel (money) to the fire to keep it burning the greater chance you have of staying alive and warm in the ever changing business climate.

It's all about putting yourself out there in the virtual world of the web and marketing what you have to a large audience. You never know what you can do in life unless you put yourself or company out in the public view for themselves and interact back with you. You can waste your time putting your business in the wrong business environments online or you can work with a Social Marketing Company like SNSD that will give you the short cuts to success for your company. It will take time but if you don't have the time this is why companies hire us to use the time needed the most efficient way.

I want you NOT to believe me when I say that Social Networking San Diego can get your business pre-qualified, in-bound leads from using (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, and Social Media Websites to create buzz about your products and services and drive traffic back to the company website.

Our current case studies (see below) are a direct link to our results. Take what you want from them but these are REAL numbers from the clients we serve. Otherwise keep wasting money on trying off-line approaches like direct mail, telemarketing, and radio and TV that are producing diminishing returns.

So i ask my audience- what are some of the returns you are producing for your customers while using a social media program? If you are a REAL online social marketing company then you should have no problems coming up with a public viewing of these numbers, or maybe ALL other social media companies just have something to hide from you!


Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego

Social Networking San Diego:
Actual Existing Client Case Studies
Company names kept confidential due to confidentiality agreements

Company A
Start Date: 2/01/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 43/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 16.91% (or 5,195,184)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 65/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 16.24% (or 4,547,459)
Inbound Links 151
Blog (off-site)

26% increase in traffic in 3 months!

Investment made by Company A: $1,000 a month

Company B
Start Date: 1/28/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 62/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top) 4.81% (or 1,475,807)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 71/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 4.29% (or 1,316,909)
Inbound Links 53
Blog (off-site)

27% increase in traffic in 3 months!

Investment made by Company B: $3,000 a month

Company C
Start Date: 2/01/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 53/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 5.72% (or 2,857,215)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 91/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 1.33% (or 373,541)
Inbound Links 466
Blog (on-site)
75% increase in traffic in 3 months!

Investment made by Company C: $8,000 a month

Contact me here http://www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com/free-webinar/
for a FREE Webinar and start forming your online marketing strategy for your company. This is a webinar/workshop where we will answer questions and concerns that business owners are having for a possible online marketing program working with their already in use offline marketing tactics.

Monday, April 20, 2009

1st Annual Career Connection Night - April 28th (Clarke Field House, Grand Salon - 6:30 to 9:00pm)

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Join the MIS Society, the Global Supply-Chain Management Society, and the Cal State San Marcos Career Center for the finale event of the semester! Come connect with over twenty different sponsors, discover intern opportunities, and network with fifteen of San Diego’s premier companies! This event has limited seating so RSVP now, business attire is required, and we will have catered food service!

Mark your calendar and RSVP here for Career Connection Night.

Hello you can make it out there and I hope to network with you all at the event.


Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing

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Are you one of the millions of companies out there today that are using Outbound Marketing Methods for lead generation? Well, have you ever thought about getting involved with a Social Media company that handles the Online approach to marketing attached to your already existing Offline marketing attack for your business.

Business owners are banging their heads against the wall hating their salary paid job that consists of cold calling new prospects, B2B marketing, and going to networking events and kissing the butts of other white collar executives just to get a card and this leaves you never being able to contact that person again. You job is to bring new business in and, leaving you frustated and looking for a better way to market thier business is always a challenge.

Today, things are changing and the way we ALL do business is slowing changing around using the internet for building business relationships for marketing purposes. With close to a billion users online do you think it may be time to look into a Internet Marketing Campaign for your business? These people are online waiting to be marketed to and you should look into being the company that takes to first mover advantage or your competitor will take the spot over you as time goes on. All you need to do is put yourself out there before you competition locks you out!

“I can personally guarantee our TEAM @ SNSD can increase your website ranking (grade) and increase traffic to your website in 90 days or less if you sign-up with us on one of our internet marketing packages and follow our recommendations and actually net-WORK on-line”

-JustinRFrench CEO Social Networking San Diego

Like any marketing plan building your online presence takes time and as a business owners may know their competitors in the real world but, what about the virtual world? Typically in about 8 months our clients see a inbound, pre-qualified lead generation system where you ONLY interact with those who contact you first.

Staying in the office and using social media websites to build business relationships is what companies are doing to stay alive in 2009 and, they attach it to the Offline marketing their currently doing. They know it's becoming important to build a presence online and my company teaches these employees how to make business relationships online at a rapid rate and in the least amount of time, with our traffic driving system behind them.

Social Media companies are hiring for blogger and site controllers for businesses all over the globe and, this is bringing small to mid-size businesses back to life with new lead generation system. Job creation is a powerful thing and helping to get people employed or, at the least give them some kind of opportunity is our company goal in this down economy.

Here a video is my Business Development days that better explains what we do:

Give me a call and we can discuss if your company would be a good fit for an Online Marketing Campaign and needs help with branding your company name online,

Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is It Worth It To Create SEO Links In Social Bookmarking Sites?

This is a guest post from Chung Bey Luen. The writer blogs about SEO and traffic attraction tips at BlogHighlight (http://www.bloghighlight.com). His goal is to help you achieve what you want by driving quality and targeted traffic to your website.

Are the links in social bookmarking sites have SEO value? Do their worth our time to create SEO links on those sites? My answer is yes and no, and it depends on how you value the link on social bookmarking site.

Link Juice

Social bookmarking has been exist in the market for quite a number of years and they did change their rules over these period of time. One of the change they implemented is stop giving link juice to the web pages submitted.

Since some of the social bookmarking sites do use nofollow link attribute, for sure this will discount the SEO value of the link as Google does not follow the link and does not give the link juice to your web page.

For those bookmarking sites that still use dofollow link attribute, it will help to increase total number of inbound links and link popularity. Ultimately this will result in the increment of your search engine rankings.

If the social bookmarking you are using is specifically for your niche, then Google will give more weight on these type of links because the bookmarking site and your website have some sort of relevancy.

Search Engine Rankings

If you are planning to use social bookmarking soley to increase search engine rankings of your web pages, I would say it may not achieve what you want. The reason is to achieve high rankings you are required to build a quite number of inbound links especially for those highly competitive keywords.

But the listings in social bookmarking sites do have great natural SEO value due to the authority of the sites. Your social bookmarking pages have great chance to be ranked highly on search engines.


There is no doubt that social bookmarking listing can send you tons of quality traffic no matter from search engines or social bookmarking site itself. You can make use of these traffic to increase your sales or convert them into your loyalty readers.

Social Profile

Futhermore, social bookmarking profile pages can still send some nice juice to the website linked from that page. People tends to know who is the guy behind the listings and want to find out more. Setting up social profiles with image and interesting introduction is always good for branding, no matter it is personal branding or business branding.


In summary, if you plan to use social bookmarking soley from a link building perspective, I would say this has limited effects. But for overall SEO, brand building and traffic generation, social bookmarks do hold a great deal of value and well worth your time.

Need help getting the right SEO package contact Social Networking San Diego @ (760) 500-6043 for more info or visit http://www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com

Monday, March 23, 2009


As you know, businesses need help with online marketing. We on Linked-In are ahead of the curve (those of us on twitter even more so)

Social Networking San Diego is signing up MANY businesses (locally and globally) on our proven internet marketing systems and looking to reward those who contribute to the movement.

Here are the Details of the Affiliate Program:
1. You must be able to pre-qualify interested businesses on Social Networking San Diego Internet Marketing Services (see website for details- http://www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com/ they must have a minimum of 1000$ online marketing budget to start.

2. Once the prospected company becomes interested, you need to help schedule the in-depth assessment to better understand their current marketing budget/ plan moving forward with social networking. (this 500$ is a necessity because we have to put on our Business Consulting hat for hours to better understand their goals, objectives, products, services, etc. this is CRITICAL to the success of the program)

3. Any clients you help sign up on one of our internet marketing packages you will get 10% per Month for the LIFE of the client!

4. You must get the prospects interest, educate them on why they need to start some type of internet marketing program or be left in the dust, and help sign them up

5. Just a Referral- Any business you can refer to us that is interested in forming a proper internet marketing strategy around their business model, we will give you 250$ just for the referral (it MUST turn into an ACTUAL paying customer to qualify)

Any Questions- Call me directly at 760-717-5908
PLEASE only interested affiliates/ alliances at this time I am VERY pressed for time- thanks

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interview on Entrepreneur Magazine

The question: How Does Internet Marketing Work? What Do You Do?

Keith Tacla states, “Were using social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, and, Twitter to just name a few, and a bunch of other social media sites to blog about your products or services with the objective of building business relationships online. Then once you’ve created followers at a large scale, a pack if u will. These followers become brand ambassadors for your company. They are going to sell your services for you and, that’s what it's about! It’s like me explaining to you how to make friends and, we all know there is a process to that and, online there are ways of making friends fast and effectively for your business and this is where we come in to help you. It’s just like going to a networking event where you may make a few business relationships while talking with people. Afterwards, you still need to follow-up and keep building the relationship with them. The same process in used online except imagine instead, one interaction can turn into 10,000 interactions with a quick click of a mouse on a structured Social Media Website Internet Marketing Strategy.”

Keith continues, “Were specialists in making friends online and, building communities online, these communities have your website/billboard shining outside their home everyday. Soon they are almost forced to, if not DO business with you, then at least they will check your company out and tell one of their friends about what you have to offer. You need to know how to put your website/billboard in Times Square NYC instead of a Corn Field in Iowa. Location, this is what we can help you do with building virtual traffic roads to your website. These communities are going to come together and, this is creating search and it's that simple. People TRUST their friends and if a potential client TRUSTED what you have to offer they will do business with you. They may not TRUST your company website by a quick browse but, they TRUST they're friends' recommendations on what companies are good.”

Keith concludes, “We are pre-qualifying your clients on your products and services before they call so, they already know what they want from you without any selling involved. Just like the selling method I use to have businesses owners understand this concept and, how much they need the power of the Internet to market for them to grow their companies. Now extracting the right friends and groups you find online is where we help you to tie everything together so it’s the most efficient for your company and once structure the monetary results will follow.”

Twitter, Business, and Social Networking Quote of The Day

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I know everyone is busy (as am i) but i wanted to answer 1 very important question I'm hearing everyday:

A small business customer quote:
"So Justin, what is social networking, internet marketing, and this whole twitter thing? How can it help my business? Do i need to look into it?"- prospect

My response: YES! if you want to be in business in the next couple of years you should!

Here's the basic formula for those Math whizzes (im not a numbers guy so bear with me)

Internet marketing strategists = helping businesses build relationships on the Internet = building your brand (marketing your products and services online) appropriately - one tweet at a time"

Social Networking = More Search = More Business!

Then i direct them to my blog talk radio appearance which explains the paradigm shift here: Listen To My Radio Appearance

Or if your a client considering social networking for your business this video explains it fairly simple:

get tweeting today!
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“What is Social Networking San Diego Justin?"
Social Networking San Diego supports and educates businesses on the value and growing trend in social networking, social media, and internet marketing for business. This trend in social networking and social media for business has been packaged together for local business to use as a proven internet marketing system and online advertising strategy to focus on lead generation and drive more pre-qualified traffic to company websites.

- cheers

Saturday, February 21, 2009

7 Top Reasons LinkedIn is a Must Have for Your Business

7 Top Reasons LinkedIn is a Must Have for Your Business

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social networking, t Inbound Marketing Will Save Small Business: Inbound Marketing Will Save.. http://ping.fm/v13lS

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the TRUE face of twitter http://ping.fm/CitGy :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twitter defined in 1 sentence/ tweet

twitter def. "on demand/ real time virtual networking grp where you share info./ strategies w/ other like-minded professionals"- justinrfrench

The TRUE Power Of Your Social Network

To all my Followers, Friends & Family,

I received an unexpected call last week. To my Amazement, I was selected as a Top 10 finalist for the Blackberry & AT&T's small business owners contest! WOW! As many of you know, not only am I on a mission to re-define the business world by using social media/ social networking, but I actually want to win the contest!

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I know you all are very busy, but I wouldn't ask you to do anything unless you got something out of it of course, so here is an incentive to all of you in my network:
  • You all know how how hard I've been working at building my business & network up over the last 7 years, so if you vote for me and I win, I will raffle off and give away FREE 1 of the blackberry's to a lucky person who is in my network!

I want to make a statement to the World- that social networking, building relationships, always having passion for what you do, and being transparent is the new way to conduct business.

So please help he win this contest and demonstrate the power of my network- built around you of course!

Thanks Everyone- cross your "twittering" fingers We win!
twitterholic justinrfrench

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HOW TO: Live Inside Twitter and Still Stay Productive

HOW TO: Live Inside Twitter and Still Stay Productive
This is an insightful post on how to work full time on twitter and get full time results in your business :) keeping yourself productive, organized, and achieving goals

Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 keys to twitter success for small businesses on the internet

Seth Godin- Social media/ social networking expert always does short blog posts so I figured I would have a shot at it. I am often asked, “So twitterholic justinrfrench, what are the key factors you would suggest to fellow entrepreneurs & business owners so here are my top 5 CURRENT recommendations:

1. Business & Tech- Being both knowledgeable in the foundations of Business & Information Technology can be a huge benefit to any business owner.

2. Transparency- Try to be more transparent as a business owner- just tell your story online and watch who listens. You will be amazed.

3. Great Communication- but being able to have creative & meaning behind your communication is even more important.

4. Organization- is key. If your business life is disorganized, you may be missing out on business opportunities

5. People- Pay it forward- always give back to your community, fiends, and clients. You will go a lot further this way and remember to have full transparency.

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p.s. here’s a SPECIAL REWARD video challenge to my followers on Twitter that will pay you back ten fold I promise!

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Top 5 Lessons Learned in January about Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter and Business

Top 5 Lessons Learned in January about Social Media,
Social Networking, Twitter, and Business

With all of the current hype and news on Web 2.0, Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter, and the bailout, I take this time to reflect on this past month- January 2009. Lets all just take a deep breath, count to 3, and begin to realize how much information overload we really have; or the lack of proper filtering. I, justinrfrench break it all down for you here. I give you the full Entrepreneurial, Business Minded, Tech Guru, Social Media/ Social Networking addict, twitterholic synopsis with-out leaving your seat!

If there is one blog site you're going to read about the growing trends in social networking for business, internet marketing for business, social media for business, or any of the other Web 2.0 solutions for business then I HIGHLY suggest you keep reading this blog.

I would hope after reading this, you would be kind enough to pay it forward, re-tweet this blog, subscribe to this blog, and help spread the word about this revolution occurring because we have only touched the tip of the iceberg on what is to come from my team and I in the not to distant future. If you think Google, Apple, and Microsoft were big, wait till twitter, justinrfrench, and his followers get on the map! You won't want to miss this 21st century bailout we are giving businesses on a silver platter.

For all my fellow twitterholics, followers, alliances, and partners I have formed over the years, I dedicate my mission and personal journey to you. This year I will fully dedicate myself to being the driving force for spreading the word to all Southern California businesses to help educate, instruct, and consult their firms on how to best utilize a social media workflow system tailored around their company.

Here are my Top 5 Lessons Learned (in no particular order) of what you or your business can gain from my summary of the month on the above topics:

1. Lesson 1- Barack Obama has proven to be more of a leader than I thought. After even talking about setting a cap on CEO pay- he became my hero. MOST CEO's (not all) are over paid, under delivering to shareholders, and quite frankly do not know how to lead in today's 21st century and need a full makeover in upper management. Small businesses will be what gets us through these tough times as Obama states, so start finding how you can fit into this paradigm puzzle.

2. Lesson 2- Sign up and start using twitter right now! The best business social networking tool I've seen in the last 5 years! If you have not signed up on twitter, heard of twitter, or been active on twitter, then you are already behind. If you are a true business person, then you already know the importance of first mover advantage so I suggest you get on board. Just Google "twitter" and get going. If you need twitter training, instruction, or consulting on how to use twitter for business, I have teams of consultants that will come to your office and train, tutor, and educate you on the importance of twitter. After you sign up, make sure you follow me on twitter at CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW JUSTIN

3. Lesson 3- Is all this social media, social networking hype really for my business? I thought MySpace and Facebook were for teens and young adults. YES! If your business does not form some type of internet marketing strategy today then you will not be in business tomorrow. I guarantee I can think of one or two social media sites or social networking sites for business that will be beneficial in some way to growing your business.

4. Lesson 4- What is Social Networking San Diego, Why does my business need to know about this site, and how will it benefit my business? "Social Networking San Diego supports and educates businesses on the value and growing trend in social networking, social media, social marketing, and internet marketing for business. This trend in social networking and social media for business has been packaged together for local companies to use as a proven internet marketing system and online advertising strategy to focus on lead generation and driving traffic to company websites in turn generating new business."- justinrfrench

5. Lesson 5- What Social Media/ Social Networking sites does twitterholic justinrfrench suggest to lay the proper foundation for my business to start gaining a better presence online?
a. Twitter
b. Linked-in
c. Friend feed
d. Facebook
e. Word Press

I look forward to your comments, recommendations, or insight on this post- don't be shy. yours truly-
Fellow twitterholic justinrfrench

Social Networking 101 6.11.08

Check out this SlideShare Presentation on social networking 101:
Social Networking San Diego supports and educates businesses on the value and growing trend in social networking, social media, and internet marketing for business. This trend in social networking and social media for business has been packaged together for local business to use as a proven internet marketing system and online advertising strategy to focus on lead generation and driving traffic to company websites." www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com

Social Networking San Diego- Why social media needs to be part of your business strategy

Social Networking San Diego supports and educates businesses on the value and growing trend in social networking, social media, and internet marketing for business. This trend in social networking and social media for business has been packaged together for local business to use as a proven internet marketing system and online advertising strategy to focus on lead generation and driving traffic to company websites." www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com
Social Networking San Diego supports and educates businesses on the value and growing trend in social networking, social media, and internet marketing for business. This trend in social networking and social media for business has been packaged together for local business to use as a proven internet marketing system and online advertising strategy to focus on lead generation and driving traffic to company websites." www.socialnetworkingsandiego.com
social networking, t How Can Social Networking Help My Business?: 1/24/09 response on blogge.. http://ping.fm/VM1QF

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The Future of Web Apps: 7 Things Companies Must Do to Succeed (http://ping.fm/G63ni)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

justinrfrench fellow twitterholic says "remember to always pay it forward- it will come back ten fold"

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The difference between social media and social networking

Social Networking San Diego Blog

by Andrea Hill on December 18, 2008 · 4 comments

in featured, social media

When the New York Times infers that social networking helped Barack Obama get the most powerful job in the world, you know there is a serious paradigm shift underway.

So when you decide your organization needs some of this “social stuff” for your own, how do you know what to ask for?

The social part is easy. You know you want a way for people to connect. Hopefully they’ll talk about your organization and your fantastic products and services. But what’s the difference between social media, and social networking? What do you need?

Social media is still media: a means to transmit information. The difference is that social media offers the opportunity for anyone to create or disseminate the information.

Social networking refers to people with some shared characteristics associating together, and social networks or social networking sites are where this happens.

We don’t think of television or radio as places; they are channels for communication and we can access the information at our home, in our car, or at our favorite sports bar. The message may be pervasive: it isn’t tied to a specific location. It is the message that is primary. Media isn’t a place.

Networking tends to be more context-focused. When we speak of social networking sites, we speak of Facebook or mySpace. In real life, we may think of where we like to spend our time: the golf course, the gym, the local starbucks. We may go to these places because of the people and the atmosphere, because it gives us the opportunity to engage with others with similar interests or experiences.

Do you want to create a radio station, or a coffee shop? Do you want to offer people an easier way to spread your message, or do you want them to hang out? Don’t worry, it’s not that easy a question to answer. It depends on what you want to accomplish, and who your audience is and what THEY want to accomplish. But getting comfortable with these concepts is a first step towards social success!

by Andrea Hill on December 18, 2008

Insight from twitterholic justinrfrench 1-31-08

I have long been asking myself this question and thanks to Andrea's article, this really helps me clarify the difference between social media and social networking. Some of our clients usually ask the same thing too (if they are even savy enough to know what social networking or social media is )

now when i think of social networking- i think of twitter and how twitter has become a business tool. twitter for business and its power has become a focus of mine and i want to educate the masses on the power of twitter and its limitless possibilities. on another note- we have just put together a new blog that focuses JUST on social networking for business! This phenomenon is so new, and there is a large educational shift that traditional business people must realize. You all asked for it, so you all got it! thanks to all my followers, i am dedicating the social networking san diego blog here:
Social Networking San Diego Blog to you. i will see you all soon on twitter- please follow me and subscribe to the new blog

twitterholic justinrfrench
Social Networking San Diego Blog

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Introd. a special social networking site just for San Diego businesses- check it out http://ping.fm/I2czI

Thursday, January 29, 2009

does anyone know of any local companies still doing direct mail, telemarketing, or who are not getting any calls from their website? please let me know they would be good candidates for our internet mktg program for small business- they see results the first month!

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The Ten Commandments of Twitter

The Ten Commandments of Twitter
By James Dickey. Filed in Twitter

10 Commandments on Cement Tablets

1. Decide what your goal is in using Twitter.

Everything else you do - or don’t do - in the rest of the commandments depends on this. Are you looking to send people to your website, build social relationships, advocate for a cause, or something else? The handle, picture, bio, who you follow and how you follow back, might all be different if you wanted to promote your ad agency vs. raising awareness for the plight of the almost-extinct blue-tailed pigeon fish.

Stop right now and think about this. What is your goal? Got it? Ok.

Ok, here’s caveat number one: you might not yet realize the full power of Twitter, and as your understanding of its potential grows, your goal in using it might change. So don’t be paralyzed by this one, just think about it some and try to be intentional.

2. Use your real name as your handle.

It is becoming a standard, for good reason, for people to use “firstlast” as their handle. For example, I use “jamesdickey” as my handle. If you’re determined to use “CoolBabylonGeekDaddy” instead, at least fill out the name portion so those trying to address you aren’t forced to refer to you as Cool, but can instead use your real name (Mortimer).

Of course, if your goal is to sell your “Earn $972 Per Year Without Working Weekends” get-poor-slowly program, you might want to be tempted to go with “GetPoorSlowly”. Don’t. People trust real names much more, and it’ll save you the trouble of changing the handle when you go back to your day job and don’t want to lose either follower you attracted.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to advocate for homeless cartoon characters and there’s nothing else in your life, feel free to go with “AllHomelessCartoonCharactersAllTheTime” as your handle. You may not be able to get any followers, but if you do they’ll never be able to claim you didn’t give them fair warning. On the other hand, it’d be a drag to start over with your own handle once all the characters have homes, so even then you probably should go with your name instead.

3. Use a picture of yourself as your avatar.

Twitter is all about talking to, talking with, or listening to people. When people decide whether they’re willing to “listen to” (follow) you, or let you talk with them, it’s a lot easier for them to make that decision if they can actually picture you.

Of course if you’re the world’s best animator or graphic artist you’ll be tempted to show off your skill with some great hand-drawn or computer-generated example of your work. Don’t. Put those things on your page background instead. It’s much more space to work with in any case.

The latest trend is to somehow do animated avatar images. These things look amazing, really. They move, they flicker, it repeats. Did I mention they move? Nothing as impressive has been seen since the Nickelodeons of 1908, except perhaps the Ronco ViewMasterMatic 3D slide viewer in the 1970s. Don’t bother. Twitter only shows 20 avatars on any page, so it’s not like you have to worry about people missing your picture if it doesn’t move.

4. Have something true and interesting in your bio.

When someone is deciding whether or not to follow you, this is the biggest set of text they are able to see without leaving Twitter, so it’s the one they’ll read the most often. You only have 140 characters here so put some thought into it. Whatever you’ve selected as your goal, it’s important to grab people’s attention, build their interest and start building trust.

Look around at other people’s bios for examples. There are many, and most are great. You’ll recognize the others. Use the great ones for inspiration.

5. Include a link to your site.

Twitter gave you a spot specifically for a link. I wish they gave two or three, but hey, it’s a link. Use it. Even if you’re only goal is to make social connections, put a link to your MySpace or LinkedIn profile or page. If you’re in online business or a freelancer, put a link to your site. Who knows, it may become the highest source for traffic to your blog in no time (as it did for me at http://igotmystart.com).

From everyone else’s standpoint, it’s a chance to get to know you even better - if they’ve already liked or hated, or been enraged or intrigued by - your handle, name, picture and bio.

6. Type something.

It’s only 140 characters. It doesn’t need an outline, multiple drafts, or an editor (hopefully). Look at what your purpose was and talk about it. Since it’s only 140 characters, no one expects the next great novel. As long as you’re not a nationally-known intellectual, no one expects much of anything. So go ahead. Type.

Of course, you might want to remember that people can only see your picture, link, bio and what you type, so they will judge you by what you type. Misspell everything, type in all caps, intersperse random other languages, and people will have no choice but to make conclusions from those. Type things you’d be okay with your mother (or your next prospective boss) seeing and you’ll be fine.

Go ahead and write four or five “Tweets”, or posts. Enough to let people know your thoughts on a few things that are related to your goal. You’ll add more quickly if you follow the rest of the commandments. Be thoughtful of others though. Just as you wouldn’t - I hope - walk into a room of people and start shouting your tagline and web address, don’t have every Tweet be your tagline and your web address. People who do that in Twitter are as boorish and irritating as they would be in person. If you provide value to the people who see your Tweets they’ll want more, and they’ll follow the link you so thoughtfully included in your profile.

7. Set your options.

There are a few main choices you can make. You can start with the defaults, but those may not be ideal depending on your goals and use of Twitter. For example, the default is for Twitter to send you a text message and/or email every time anything happens on your account. If you’re adding hundreds of followers every day that might have a tendency to fill up your inbox or drain your bank account.

Definitely set up your cell phone to be able to send tweets. Twitter gets much more powerful when you don’t have to use it at your PC. Of course, if you have an iPhone or your company lets you install TwitterBerry on your BlackBerry, you could use those or your smart phone’s web interface instead. But there are times when text is best, such as when stuck in West LubAmMidOdPaso where the 3g network covers the baggage claim area in the airport and nothing else.

A word of warning, though. The text interface lets you send commands to Twitter, so using it you can send a direct message, an @reply, or a broadcast message, for example. You can even add and remove followers and view your statistics using the text interface. Be careful doing this unless you’re absolutely certain of the text command. Otherwise you may accidentally broadcast to all your followers that you intend to “Dump NowExBestFriend”.

Now for the most controversial option - locking your Tweets. Unless you’re a minor (in which case I’m not sure you should be on Twitter at all), DON’T. It’s the Twitter equivalent of walking into a room and asking everyone else who’s already there to put on earplugs while you talk to the 3 people you like the most. Mostly it just makes you look like you don’t understand Twitter. If someone’s a bore, or a spammer, or a creep, block them. Assume everyone else is just another nice person like yourself looking for a new outlet to reach whatever goal they selected.

8. Grow your followers.

Depending on the goal you selected, you may want 30 followers, or you may want 30,000. Either way, you need to have people follow you in order for anyone to see what you Tweet.

For people to follow you they have to see you. The easiest way for them to see you is for you to follow them. Another way for them to see you is for them to see someone else’s @reply to you.

So, start with some of the Twitterers with the most followers. Look through the list of their followers. Look at their handle, name, bio, link, and Tweets. If they look interesting, follow them. Since you found them interesting, it’ll be easy to find something they said worth commenting on. Send them an @reply about it. Odds are they’ll reply, and most likely follow you back also if they like what they see.

There are more complicated/sophisticated ways to attract followers, but unless you’re looking to attract thousands, this approach will work really well. Once someone is following you, see who follows them and repeat the process.

9. Connect Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, websites.

Twitter can take a lot of time, and you won’t want to neglect your other social media (never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket). Fortunately, there are easy things you can do to leverage Twitter in those other media. One of the easiest is to install the Twitter application in Facebook. It will automatically set every non-@reply Tweet as your Facebook status update. You’ll need to keep this in mind when writing your Tweets, but that’s a small price to pay for being one of the most-frequent-status-updaters on Facebook.

Once you have a few followers, you can invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace if you use those sites. The invitation to all or each only takes a small amount of time, but can make a big difference in the breadth and depth of your connected networks.

10. Deepen your Twitter connections offline.

Shocking, I know, but most of your followers - and all of those who follow these 10 commandments - are real people with real lives, who actually eat, travel, and (sometimes) talk using their mouths instead of a keyboard.

This means that you can arrange to talk over the phone, or meet in person for a meal or cup of coffee, or whatever. Of course be safe and sensible, but I’ve already been able to meet in person or on the phone with over a dozen people that I otherwise might not have ever met had we not first met on Twitter. Those people were all kind, courteous and helpful, and each meeting was positive.

As said above, be smart and be careful, but also know that it is possible to take the relationships started via social media and make them actually social.

That’s it on the Commandments of Twitter. Guidelines, suggestions, hints, whatever. I hope you find them helpful. I’m open to your comments or suggestions for improvement. What did I leave out? What should I add or change? On what was I dead wrong?

The Ten Commandments of Twitter
By James Dickey. Filed in Twitter

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San Diego Business Find How To Profit During Tough Times

Heres my story-
Doing business in the 21st century- and how your small business needs our help.
Hello, Im Justin French from Perfect Integration. I have a business degree from Cal State San Marcos, and have run my own IT consulting business for 7 years. Companies have trusted me everyday to maintain their computers, servers, and networks.

My Story: I have a GREAT story to tell you. I know your business is still pondered by the complexity of doing business on the internet and still have no clue how things work. Its a science- a science that has taken me 10 yrs to finally figure out and i want to share it with you so your business prospers. I have finally put together a proprietary internet marketing strategy that makes telemarketing and direct mail a thing of the 20th century. To be competitive in this 21st century, you must use the power of the internet (Google) to generate interested pre-qualified customers looking for your product/ service. We have a proven system so please contact us today and start seeing results tomorrow. 760-929-2319

Video Explaining the System:

Another Video Explaining the System:

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Twhirl Updates: Will You Dump TweetDeck?

Twhirl Updates: Will You Dump TweetDeck?

cool- cant wait to test this out!

So if you are a twitter business person, and you like my content (and would like more), or are just a business person searching for news on twitter, you should subscribe to my Blog for updates on my Twitter Trends for Business, Twitter for business, social networking San Diego, and Twitter 101 for Business Enthusiast- justinrfrench

Twitter 101- Social Networking for Businesses

Do What Twitter Cant: Cash In On Your Twitter Stream

1/24/09 response on blogger from mashable article- do what twitter can’t- cash in on your twitter stream

Do What Twitter Cant: Cash In On Your Twitter Stream

I am curious to see what my twitter followers have to say about this. As i move forward to continue to shape new social media/ social networking ventures driven by business savvy twitterholics, i need to know what you opinion on this article is. This is very important. I want to keep twitter as a critical business tool for the 21st century professionals. Twitter was the "key" to my success in social networking and helped me form and finally understand a "package" and ":system" which i am now selling to San Diego businesses (760) 929-2319

Also, who doesn't want to make money online. But making money online has become a science that 90% of people don't understand. So i am shaping the bridge between technical and non-technical business people to help shifting gears into the new "marketing your San Diego business in the 21st century". This ties together all social networking and internet marketing tactics into a proven "system" that gets results and is scalable over time.

So if you are a twitter business person, and you like my content (and would like more), or are just a business person searching for news on twitter, you should subscribe to my Blog for updates on my Twitter Trends for Business, Twitter for business, social networking San Diego, and Twitter 101 for Business Enthusiast- justinrfrench

Do What Twitter Cant: Cash In On Your Twitter Stream

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Twitter’s Massive 2008: 752 Percent Growth

Twitter’s Massive 2008: 752 Percent Growth

This growth of twitter is amazing as you can see from the article above, and the business value behind it for our San Diego clients is even larger!

I have started a blog called social networking San Diego- how to market your business in the 21st century here > social networking for business for more information and detailed explanation on this large paradigm shift.

Our prospective clients in San Diego keep asking me- how do i use twitter to help my business? Well- at > social networking for business that is exactly what I explain. Small businesses in San Diego need twitter 101 courses and I teach them how to leverage the power of twitter to generate more qualified prospects, develop business relationships, and turn these relationships into new revenue streams for their business. I do this by researching what your customers are searching for on Google and bring that traffic to your website which in turn - gets your business pre-qualified leads! This system is proprietary, proven, and the computer science behind it it cutting edge, and helps lock out your competition.

Call Now! 760-929-2319 for more info or > social networking for business

Social networking for small business is the current trend and we have developed an internet marketing system that produces scalable results using our proprietary system.

Does your business want to use the internet properly to gain targeted traffic and qualified leads?

This Down Economy Causes Small Business Owners To Rethink Future Marketing & Sales Strategies

Paul “I got calls the same week while being on Perfect Integrations Internet Marketing Package and they were pre-qualified! I have been doing cold calling and direct mail for yrs, and this is the cutting edge way to generate new business using the internet”

Does your business want to use the internet properly and gain the right traffic?

Understand How Internet Marketing Can Create Pre-Qualified Leads For Your Business

Having a presence online and starting a conversation with someone interested in what you have to offer is rarely a bad thing for any company to look into.

If learning how the market feels about your organization, engaging with your customers and driving traffic to your website are all important things to you.

We recommend you begin a social media/networking engagement program with us today.

Every business that wants to expand and become profitable needs a CORE GROUP OF SUPPORTERS who will be willing to make purchases or recommend your website to others. YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS TO PERPETUATE ITSELF to become more powerful in the open Internet market.

It’s about putting social media/networking in the center of your marketing strategy, optimizing your sites with content and making it an attention magnet.

Now getting the buzz you can create using these social media sites to return back to your website and company blog is the objective with the science we have designed.

We create brand ambassadors who market for free for you.




Your Website is only a billboard. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, and without traffic, it might as well be a billboard in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa.


Ultimately everything comes down to the bottom line – drive revenue, lower marketing costs by using Internet Marketing to build traffic to your website.


It’s $499 a month, all we ask is that you try it for month, no strings attached, if you don’t notice a difference (ex; more calls/traffic to website) you can cancel anytime. We also need a credit card for 100$ charge for ad words

We need 5 more businesses in San Diego who are interested in this system that will receive this discounted rate


I appreciate your time reading this article, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Paul King “I got calls the same week while being on Perfect Integrations Internet Marketing Package and they were pre-qualified! I have been doing cold calling and direct mail for yrs, and this is the cutting edge way to generate new business using the internet”


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