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The difference between social media and social networking

Social Networking San Diego Blog

by Andrea Hill on December 18, 2008 · 4 comments

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When the New York Times infers that social networking helped Barack Obama get the most powerful job in the world, you know there is a serious paradigm shift underway.

So when you decide your organization needs some of this “social stuff” for your own, how do you know what to ask for?

The social part is easy. You know you want a way for people to connect. Hopefully they’ll talk about your organization and your fantastic products and services. But what’s the difference between social media, and social networking? What do you need?

Social media is still media: a means to transmit information. The difference is that social media offers the opportunity for anyone to create or disseminate the information.

Social networking refers to people with some shared characteristics associating together, and social networks or social networking sites are where this happens.

We don’t think of television or radio as places; they are channels for communication and we can access the information at our home, in our car, or at our favorite sports bar. The message may be pervasive: it isn’t tied to a specific location. It is the message that is primary. Media isn’t a place.

Networking tends to be more context-focused. When we speak of social networking sites, we speak of Facebook or mySpace. In real life, we may think of where we like to spend our time: the golf course, the gym, the local starbucks. We may go to these places because of the people and the atmosphere, because it gives us the opportunity to engage with others with similar interests or experiences.

Do you want to create a radio station, or a coffee shop? Do you want to offer people an easier way to spread your message, or do you want them to hang out? Don’t worry, it’s not that easy a question to answer. It depends on what you want to accomplish, and who your audience is and what THEY want to accomplish. But getting comfortable with these concepts is a first step towards social success!

by Andrea Hill on December 18, 2008

Insight from twitterholic justinrfrench 1-31-08

I have long been asking myself this question and thanks to Andrea's article, this really helps me clarify the difference between social media and social networking. Some of our clients usually ask the same thing too (if they are even savy enough to know what social networking or social media is )

now when i think of social networking- i think of twitter and how twitter has become a business tool. twitter for business and its power has become a focus of mine and i want to educate the masses on the power of twitter and its limitless possibilities. on another note- we have just put together a new blog that focuses JUST on social networking for business! This phenomenon is so new, and there is a large educational shift that traditional business people must realize. You all asked for it, so you all got it! thanks to all my followers, i am dedicating the social networking san diego blog here:
Social Networking San Diego Blog to you. i will see you all soon on twitter- please follow me and subscribe to the new blog

twitterholic justinrfrench
Social Networking San Diego Blog

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Introd. a special social networking site just for San Diego businesses- check it out

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does anyone know of any local companies still doing direct mail, telemarketing, or who are not getting any calls from their website? please let me know they would be good candidates for our internet mktg program for small business- they see results the first month!

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The Ten Commandments of Twitter

The Ten Commandments of Twitter
By James Dickey. Filed in Twitter

10 Commandments on Cement Tablets

1. Decide what your goal is in using Twitter.

Everything else you do - or don’t do - in the rest of the commandments depends on this. Are you looking to send people to your website, build social relationships, advocate for a cause, or something else? The handle, picture, bio, who you follow and how you follow back, might all be different if you wanted to promote your ad agency vs. raising awareness for the plight of the almost-extinct blue-tailed pigeon fish.

Stop right now and think about this. What is your goal? Got it? Ok.

Ok, here’s caveat number one: you might not yet realize the full power of Twitter, and as your understanding of its potential grows, your goal in using it might change. So don’t be paralyzed by this one, just think about it some and try to be intentional.

2. Use your real name as your handle.

It is becoming a standard, for good reason, for people to use “firstlast” as their handle. For example, I use “jamesdickey” as my handle. If you’re determined to use “CoolBabylonGeekDaddy” instead, at least fill out the name portion so those trying to address you aren’t forced to refer to you as Cool, but can instead use your real name (Mortimer).

Of course, if your goal is to sell your “Earn $972 Per Year Without Working Weekends” get-poor-slowly program, you might want to be tempted to go with “GetPoorSlowly”. Don’t. People trust real names much more, and it’ll save you the trouble of changing the handle when you go back to your day job and don’t want to lose either follower you attracted.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to advocate for homeless cartoon characters and there’s nothing else in your life, feel free to go with “AllHomelessCartoonCharactersAllTheTime” as your handle. You may not be able to get any followers, but if you do they’ll never be able to claim you didn’t give them fair warning. On the other hand, it’d be a drag to start over with your own handle once all the characters have homes, so even then you probably should go with your name instead.

3. Use a picture of yourself as your avatar.

Twitter is all about talking to, talking with, or listening to people. When people decide whether they’re willing to “listen to” (follow) you, or let you talk with them, it’s a lot easier for them to make that decision if they can actually picture you.

Of course if you’re the world’s best animator or graphic artist you’ll be tempted to show off your skill with some great hand-drawn or computer-generated example of your work. Don’t. Put those things on your page background instead. It’s much more space to work with in any case.

The latest trend is to somehow do animated avatar images. These things look amazing, really. They move, they flicker, it repeats. Did I mention they move? Nothing as impressive has been seen since the Nickelodeons of 1908, except perhaps the Ronco ViewMasterMatic 3D slide viewer in the 1970s. Don’t bother. Twitter only shows 20 avatars on any page, so it’s not like you have to worry about people missing your picture if it doesn’t move.

4. Have something true and interesting in your bio.

When someone is deciding whether or not to follow you, this is the biggest set of text they are able to see without leaving Twitter, so it’s the one they’ll read the most often. You only have 140 characters here so put some thought into it. Whatever you’ve selected as your goal, it’s important to grab people’s attention, build their interest and start building trust.

Look around at other people’s bios for examples. There are many, and most are great. You’ll recognize the others. Use the great ones for inspiration.

5. Include a link to your site.

Twitter gave you a spot specifically for a link. I wish they gave two or three, but hey, it’s a link. Use it. Even if you’re only goal is to make social connections, put a link to your MySpace or LinkedIn profile or page. If you’re in online business or a freelancer, put a link to your site. Who knows, it may become the highest source for traffic to your blog in no time (as it did for me at

From everyone else’s standpoint, it’s a chance to get to know you even better - if they’ve already liked or hated, or been enraged or intrigued by - your handle, name, picture and bio.

6. Type something.

It’s only 140 characters. It doesn’t need an outline, multiple drafts, or an editor (hopefully). Look at what your purpose was and talk about it. Since it’s only 140 characters, no one expects the next great novel. As long as you’re not a nationally-known intellectual, no one expects much of anything. So go ahead. Type.

Of course, you might want to remember that people can only see your picture, link, bio and what you type, so they will judge you by what you type. Misspell everything, type in all caps, intersperse random other languages, and people will have no choice but to make conclusions from those. Type things you’d be okay with your mother (or your next prospective boss) seeing and you’ll be fine.

Go ahead and write four or five “Tweets”, or posts. Enough to let people know your thoughts on a few things that are related to your goal. You’ll add more quickly if you follow the rest of the commandments. Be thoughtful of others though. Just as you wouldn’t - I hope - walk into a room of people and start shouting your tagline and web address, don’t have every Tweet be your tagline and your web address. People who do that in Twitter are as boorish and irritating as they would be in person. If you provide value to the people who see your Tweets they’ll want more, and they’ll follow the link you so thoughtfully included in your profile.

7. Set your options.

There are a few main choices you can make. You can start with the defaults, but those may not be ideal depending on your goals and use of Twitter. For example, the default is for Twitter to send you a text message and/or email every time anything happens on your account. If you’re adding hundreds of followers every day that might have a tendency to fill up your inbox or drain your bank account.

Definitely set up your cell phone to be able to send tweets. Twitter gets much more powerful when you don’t have to use it at your PC. Of course, if you have an iPhone or your company lets you install TwitterBerry on your BlackBerry, you could use those or your smart phone’s web interface instead. But there are times when text is best, such as when stuck in West LubAmMidOdPaso where the 3g network covers the baggage claim area in the airport and nothing else.

A word of warning, though. The text interface lets you send commands to Twitter, so using it you can send a direct message, an @reply, or a broadcast message, for example. You can even add and remove followers and view your statistics using the text interface. Be careful doing this unless you’re absolutely certain of the text command. Otherwise you may accidentally broadcast to all your followers that you intend to “Dump NowExBestFriend”.

Now for the most controversial option - locking your Tweets. Unless you’re a minor (in which case I’m not sure you should be on Twitter at all), DON’T. It’s the Twitter equivalent of walking into a room and asking everyone else who’s already there to put on earplugs while you talk to the 3 people you like the most. Mostly it just makes you look like you don’t understand Twitter. If someone’s a bore, or a spammer, or a creep, block them. Assume everyone else is just another nice person like yourself looking for a new outlet to reach whatever goal they selected.

8. Grow your followers.

Depending on the goal you selected, you may want 30 followers, or you may want 30,000. Either way, you need to have people follow you in order for anyone to see what you Tweet.

For people to follow you they have to see you. The easiest way for them to see you is for you to follow them. Another way for them to see you is for them to see someone else’s @reply to you.

So, start with some of the Twitterers with the most followers. Look through the list of their followers. Look at their handle, name, bio, link, and Tweets. If they look interesting, follow them. Since you found them interesting, it’ll be easy to find something they said worth commenting on. Send them an @reply about it. Odds are they’ll reply, and most likely follow you back also if they like what they see.

There are more complicated/sophisticated ways to attract followers, but unless you’re looking to attract thousands, this approach will work really well. Once someone is following you, see who follows them and repeat the process.

9. Connect Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, websites.

Twitter can take a lot of time, and you won’t want to neglect your other social media (never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket). Fortunately, there are easy things you can do to leverage Twitter in those other media. One of the easiest is to install the Twitter application in Facebook. It will automatically set every non-@reply Tweet as your Facebook status update. You’ll need to keep this in mind when writing your Tweets, but that’s a small price to pay for being one of the most-frequent-status-updaters on Facebook.

Once you have a few followers, you can invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace if you use those sites. The invitation to all or each only takes a small amount of time, but can make a big difference in the breadth and depth of your connected networks.

10. Deepen your Twitter connections offline.

Shocking, I know, but most of your followers - and all of those who follow these 10 commandments - are real people with real lives, who actually eat, travel, and (sometimes) talk using their mouths instead of a keyboard.

This means that you can arrange to talk over the phone, or meet in person for a meal or cup of coffee, or whatever. Of course be safe and sensible, but I’ve already been able to meet in person or on the phone with over a dozen people that I otherwise might not have ever met had we not first met on Twitter. Those people were all kind, courteous and helpful, and each meeting was positive.

As said above, be smart and be careful, but also know that it is possible to take the relationships started via social media and make them actually social.

That’s it on the Commandments of Twitter. Guidelines, suggestions, hints, whatever. I hope you find them helpful. I’m open to your comments or suggestions for improvement. What did I leave out? What should I add or change? On what was I dead wrong?

The Ten Commandments of Twitter
By James Dickey. Filed in Twitter

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San Diego Business Find How To Profit During Tough Times

Heres my story-
Doing business in the 21st century- and how your small business needs our help.
Hello, Im Justin French from Perfect Integration. I have a business degree from Cal State San Marcos, and have run my own IT consulting business for 7 years. Companies have trusted me everyday to maintain their computers, servers, and networks.

My Story: I have a GREAT story to tell you. I know your business is still pondered by the complexity of doing business on the internet and still have no clue how things work. Its a science- a science that has taken me 10 yrs to finally figure out and i want to share it with you so your business prospers. I have finally put together a proprietary internet marketing strategy that makes telemarketing and direct mail a thing of the 20th century. To be competitive in this 21st century, you must use the power of the internet (Google) to generate interested pre-qualified customers looking for your product/ service. We have a proven system so please contact us today and start seeing results tomorrow. 760-929-2319

Video Explaining the System:

Another Video Explaining the System:

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Twhirl Updates: Will You Dump TweetDeck?

Twhirl Updates: Will You Dump TweetDeck?

cool- cant wait to test this out!

So if you are a twitter business person, and you like my content (and would like more), or are just a business person searching for news on twitter, you should subscribe to my Blog for updates on my Twitter Trends for Business, Twitter for business, social networking San Diego, and Twitter 101 for Business Enthusiast- justinrfrench

Twitter 101- Social Networking for Businesses

Do What Twitter Cant: Cash In On Your Twitter Stream

1/24/09 response on blogger from mashable article- do what twitter can’t- cash in on your twitter stream

Do What Twitter Cant: Cash In On Your Twitter Stream

I am curious to see what my twitter followers have to say about this. As i move forward to continue to shape new social media/ social networking ventures driven by business savvy twitterholics, i need to know what you opinion on this article is. This is very important. I want to keep twitter as a critical business tool for the 21st century professionals. Twitter was the "key" to my success in social networking and helped me form and finally understand a "package" and ":system" which i am now selling to San Diego businesses (760) 929-2319

Also, who doesn't want to make money online. But making money online has become a science that 90% of people don't understand. So i am shaping the bridge between technical and non-technical business people to help shifting gears into the new "marketing your San Diego business in the 21st century". This ties together all social networking and internet marketing tactics into a proven "system" that gets results and is scalable over time.

So if you are a twitter business person, and you like my content (and would like more), or are just a business person searching for news on twitter, you should subscribe to my Blog for updates on my Twitter Trends for Business, Twitter for business, social networking San Diego, and Twitter 101 for Business Enthusiast- justinrfrench

Do What Twitter Cant: Cash In On Your Twitter Stream

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Twitter’s Massive 2008: 752 Percent Growth

Twitter’s Massive 2008: 752 Percent Growth

This growth of twitter is amazing as you can see from the article above, and the business value behind it for our San Diego clients is even larger!

I have started a blog called social networking San Diego- how to market your business in the 21st century here > social networking for business for more information and detailed explanation on this large paradigm shift.

Our prospective clients in San Diego keep asking me- how do i use twitter to help my business? Well- at > social networking for business that is exactly what I explain. Small businesses in San Diego need twitter 101 courses and I teach them how to leverage the power of twitter to generate more qualified prospects, develop business relationships, and turn these relationships into new revenue streams for their business. I do this by researching what your customers are searching for on Google and bring that traffic to your website which in turn - gets your business pre-qualified leads! This system is proprietary, proven, and the computer science behind it it cutting edge, and helps lock out your competition.

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Social networking for small business is the current trend and we have developed an internet marketing system that produces scalable results using our proprietary system.

Does your business want to use the internet properly to gain targeted traffic and qualified leads?

This Down Economy Causes Small Business Owners To Rethink Future Marketing & Sales Strategies

Paul “I got calls the same week while being on Perfect Integrations Internet Marketing Package and they were pre-qualified! I have been doing cold calling and direct mail for yrs, and this is the cutting edge way to generate new business using the internet”

Does your business want to use the internet properly and gain the right traffic?

Understand How Internet Marketing Can Create Pre-Qualified Leads For Your Business

Having a presence online and starting a conversation with someone interested in what you have to offer is rarely a bad thing for any company to look into.

If learning how the market feels about your organization, engaging with your customers and driving traffic to your website are all important things to you.

We recommend you begin a social media/networking engagement program with us today.

Every business that wants to expand and become profitable needs a CORE GROUP OF SUPPORTERS who will be willing to make purchases or recommend your website to others. YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS TO PERPETUATE ITSELF to become more powerful in the open Internet market.

It’s about putting social media/networking in the center of your marketing strategy, optimizing your sites with content and making it an attention magnet.

Now getting the buzz you can create using these social media sites to return back to your website and company blog is the objective with the science we have designed.

We create brand ambassadors who market for free for you.




Your Website is only a billboard. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, and without traffic, it might as well be a billboard in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa.


Ultimately everything comes down to the bottom line – drive revenue, lower marketing costs by using Internet Marketing to build traffic to your website.


It’s $499 a month, all we ask is that you try it for month, no strings attached, if you don’t notice a difference (ex; more calls/traffic to website) you can cancel anytime. We also need a credit card for 100$ charge for ad words

We need 5 more businesses in San Diego who are interested in this system that will receive this discounted rate


I appreciate your time reading this article, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Paul King “I got calls the same week while being on Perfect Integrations Internet Marketing Package and they were pre-qualified! I have been doing cold calling and direct mail for yrs, and this is the cutting edge way to generate new business using the internet”


Keith Tacla

Director of Business Development

Perfect Integration, Inc.

7040 Avenida Encinas Suite 201

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Office: 760.929.2319

Mobile: 760.500.6043

Visit our company blog @

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Twitter 101 for Business - 1st of 10 series #1 Twitter Etiquette For Business (Spin off)

JustinRFrench Twitter Stats
"Are you running a small business? Are you passionate about Business? Are you an Entrepreneur like me? Then you need to get this breakthrough insight about how to use twitter to generate new business, form strategic alliances, and share real-time information needed to make informed decisions"- justinrfrench

**This will be my series of twitter business reports dedicated to getting the most out of twitter for business purposes and how it transitioned my IT consulting business in San Diego, CA into having an internet marketing & consulting division of the firm. Please see below- my "insights" are displayed with
justinrfrench says " Enjoy!

p.s. Please leave a comment - i put some time into this one

Twitter Etiquette

-re-posted originally by:
—Published August 15, 2008
Every form of communication deserves an etiquette manual, if only so we can treat our fellows better, even in 140-character bites. MARGARET MASON’S 14-point guide to improved tweets.

1. Watch your ratio- If only a few people follow you, but you follow a thousand or more, many people will assume you’re a spammer. That’s because you probably are. Go away, spammer. We do not care about your Facebook app. justinrfrench says "Yes- we want to keep this a virtual BUSINESS networking, current news, and strategic brainstorming sessions discussing new opportunities"

2. Think twice before twittering in an altered state- One drunk tweet might be amusing. Unfortunately, when you’re drunk or high, Twitter is like a can of Pringles. You don’t want to break the seal. justinrfrench says "We as professionals don't party when we are focused on daily duties- we work hard, play harder and usually on the weekends or after hours of course"

One drunk tweet leads to 20 poorly spelled missives on one amazing house party. If you think texting your ex is embarrassing the next morning, try texting all of them. justinrfrench says "see above #2"

3. Consider pausing between tweets. justinrfrench says "of course- we are trying to add followers, thank them respectfully, and keep up with this growing trend of twitterlife"

Twittering 30-plus times an hour pushes other people’s messages off followers’ homepages, and sends mobiles into convulsive twit-fits (to say nothing of excessive SMS charges). If you have a lot to say, but still want to engage with followers without alienating them, consider making more liberal use of DMs.

Also, don’t you occasionally need to use the restroom? Please don’t take your phone in there. Thanks.

4. Keep small conversations private- If you’re deciding what movie to see with your girlfriend, no one else needs to receive those updates. Hitting @ becomes reflexive after a while, but DMs are a better option in these scenarios. justinrfrench says "dont give away the family jewels- you may want to put them on the clock sometimes"

5. Accept lots of people will use lots of @'s - If you’re getting a lot of nonsensical @ messages because you don’t follow the same group of users, either subscribe to the people being mentioned so you can follow the thread, or turn @ messages off. And then stop complaining. justinrfrench says "thats fine"

6. Be vague when twittering private social events- The host may not want her sensitive extended circle to know about the handful of folks she invited for birthday drinks. Let them see it on Flickr. justinrfrench says "ok good"

7. Remember everyone can hear you- This may seem rudimentary, but Twitter is a public medium, just like a blog. Eventually, your mom’s gonna read it. To say nothing of your employer and your parole officer.

If it could get you fired, be used against you in court, or impede your ability to have fun, be-still your typing thumbs. justinrfrench says "This is a very important one. Think before you tweet. my point- if you have something to hide, then dont tweet it."

8. Passive-aggressive tweets are never as inscrutable as the sender thinks. When you’re being mean, even covertly, eventually everyone figures out the target. And then they start firing the arrows back your way. justinrfrench says "we as professionals shouldnt have to worry about this- we are tech savvy business people"

9. Don't compound an accident- If you accidentally twitter a message that was intended to be a direct text, there’s no need to send a follow-up apology if the mistake is obvious. justinrfrench says "i used to send apologies but we are all gonna make mistakes sometimes- just learn from them"

10. Try to keep within the character limit- Twitter is best suited to messages that stay within its 140-character limit. Otherwise, users have to scroll back and track your name through multiple posts. That’s not such a big deal if you do it occasionally, but it can become galling if you make it a habit. justinrfrench says "know your limits in personal and business life and have balance"

11. DM's don't necessarily require a response- You don’t have to answer every time someone contacts you directly, especially if it’s a stranger. However, there’s a greater social price for ignoring a DM if your crew is mostly responders. justinrfrench says "ok"

12. Leave when you want- If you want to stop following someone, stop. There’s no need to send a breakup note. justinrfrench says "ok- we are networking for new business not relationships here- go on eharmony for that stuff- this is a business tool"

13. Plug Moderately- Lots of people ignore this guideline, but if you’re almost exclusively using Twitter to plug your blog posts, events, or products, or to ask people to vote for one of your projects on Digg, you’ll lose some followers. justinrfrench says "3 p's- price, product, promotion- not that bad"

The exception is if you’ve set up an account named after your product or service, which sets a different expectation among subscribers.

14. Answer your own questions- All tweets are prompted by the question “What are you doing?” Many people don’t answer the question, and others are religious about it.

Does it irritate people if you don’t answer the question? Sometimes. Should those people take a deep breath? Possibly. justinrfrench says "yes- dont be offended- some people have thousands of followers so be patient- it may be a day or 2 before they get back to you"

That’s it, you can return to your mobile devices now. People are wondering what you’re doing.

-re-posted originally by:
—Published August 15, 2008
Every form of communication deserves an etiquette manual, if only so we can treat our fellows better, even in 140-character bites. MARGARET MASON’S 14-point guide to improved tweets.

My professional "opinion" on twitter (only being on ACTIVELY for 2 weeks now) is WOW! Microblogging at its finest, and Google loves me :)

**Be sure to follow our fellow twitterer justinparks and thank him for the topic for today-your views on abusing twitter and twitter etiquette , when to say something, when not and what to say. He is the only response i received to twitter topics for today's posting (hopefully i can receive more feedback for the next postings) tweet you all later- justinrfrench
leave a comment please-

Top FriendFeed Tips for Twitter Users

Top FriendFeed Tips for Twitter Users

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The Business Value of Twitter, How i Got to 92/100 on Grader, and other Business benefits of Social Networking

The HIDDEN Business value behind social networking, social marketing,
and social networking 101 for business

Be sure to "Tweet" with me

Don't believe me? View My Twitter Grade here

Well 2009 has been a great year so far. In this posting, I will break it down for all those business savvy non-technical (business owners who need to know how important social networking and social media is for their business)

Brief History: "Those who forget their history are destined to repeat it"- Author Un-known but used by Michael Savage A lot

Now that the SBC Yellow pages is the old way of advertising and marketing, online advertising, social networking, and Internet marketing have taken its place. Everything is now ONLINE

See the time line:

1990-2000 Internet wave, a dominant Microsoft, emergence of Google

2001- 2007 Dot Com bust, housing boom- only the strong on-line companies survive, then housing collapse, Google dominates, Microsoft suffers, companies layoff, bailout does nothing for average people, and Social Networking goes from just being for personal use to business use

2008- 2012 Future Social Networking for Businesses- the NEW trend and cutting edge part of their business strategy developed around Internet marketing, SEO, and blogging. It is a true science that takes months to get going and companies will pay top dollar for these services. That is why my company Perfect Integration (Has done IT consulting in San Diego for 8 yrs.) has formed a new division to our firm. We will still do IT consulting for San Diego businesses and keep their computers, servers, and networks up and running and all around the country as usual. Our new focus will be social networking for businesses and how to apply social networking to your business. Our team of Internet marketing consultants we have put together will be the guide for your business in taking advantage of this social networking phenomenon and social networking opportunity. We will educate you and make sure you see the value behind it by education, consulting and training.

What do i mean?- I mean that social networking use to be just for personal networking and socializing. This was amazing and these social networking sites took off. This was the trend and "buzz" for some time, but now I have seen a huge increase in businesses needing to shift their sales and marketing tactics from going door-to-door and cold calling to social networking, social media and other social outlets.

We have literally calculated out the hours it takes and depending on your industry, it could take between 75 and 100 hrs. for all the research, content, set-up, reporting, and analytics to be done properly. All these blogs of hundreds of follows took years to develop a trusted network of people. It doesn't happen over night- that's for sure.

We are now offering our business clients a special monthly subscription to our social networking 101 business kits where our team of Internet marketing consultants implements a social networking system as part of your new sales strategy and Internet marketing strategy. Need more details? go to or call 760-929-2319 and sign up today!

Everyone help- please re post this- thanks
p.s. i am in the middle of forming a twitter 101 for business in San Diego (more details coming soon)

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How I Got a 90 out of 100 Twitter Grade, Generated NEW Business, And formed Profitable Strategic Alliances Using Twitter In 1 Week!

Look at this video and Screen shot of and see how i increased twitter traffic from 10 friends to over 100 friends in less than 1 week!

Next, because twitter gets info from your bio, and shares it with the world, as you start inputting information, twitter submits these tiny "microblogs" all over the web. You then generate awareness of other like minded, similar industry, and tech savy people with the same societal interests as yourself. Remember, it all comes down to content. This includes up-to-date news, answers to questions, new trends, helpful insights, solving business problems etc. It is endless. It is just amazing at how this tool has increased my business, AND gained new clients for our social networking 101 for small business consulting services. If you would like info on how your business can benefit from twitter, call us at 760-929-2319 and (click here) to start seeing an increase in your business by using twitter today!

please click here to subscribe to our blog for weekly tech news, trends, tips, and the BEST updates on social networking for businesses you can find on the web

If your San Diego business wants to increase sales of your products or services, we can also give you a crash course on the science behind twitter!

9 Ways Twitter Can Help in the Real World

9 Ways Twitter Can Help in the Real World

The Business Value Behind Social Networking

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Twittermania: 140+ More Twitter Tools!

Twittermania: 140+ More Twitter Tools!
Amazing! Social networking for BUSINESS is in a new era with twitter now
need help with social networking for your business?
Call us at 760-929-2319

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Time For Managed Services San Diego

Dear All existing and prospective Perfect Integration Customers:

I must say that 2009 is off to a great start considering the slow economy, we have seen a spike in the social networking and internet marketing side to our business. We are helping businesses in San Diego FINALLY establish the right presence online with the science of social networking. I assure you this is no easy task and takes hours, days weeks, and months to gain "Buzz" around your business but we have a proven method that works.

On another note,

Here a the top 3 reasons Why Managed Services is right for your business

1. 24X7 Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting of all PC's, Servers, Back-ups, etc.

2. Pro-Active Approach to IT problems (we know of issues before you do)

3. Optimization, Clean-ups, and Tune-Ups can be performed remotely

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Top 5 Social Neworking Sites for Small Business

1. Twitter
2. Squidoo
3. Wordpress/ Blogger
4. Linked-In
5. Whats your favorite?

Please let us know!

Leveraging Scoial Networking Sites for Business

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Social Networking San Diego Small Business

It is now the middle of January and i have some awesome news! Because of the continued interest in many Perfect Integration customers that we do IT consulting here in San Diego for, we have added a new division to Perfect Integration. It is called the social networking 101 for small business. Let me tell you briefly what its about:

1. Pre-packaged plans that include social networking 101 for small business to implement themselves (so simple a sales and marketing person can do it)
2. All the websites your small business needs to get started in taking advantage of the social networking phenomenon (don't believe me? Check this out

3. Consulting rates for Our TEAM of internet marketing Guru's to take you through he entire social networking trend and how your business can take advantage of social networking so your business can grow as a result.

We will provide:
Research of Your industry
Internet Marketing Strategy
Implementation Strategy
Train you sales Team
Consulting on a monthly basis to be sure your using the tools properly

Call us today at 760-929-2319 and start tomorrow or else you business will be left in the dust

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Shows Internet Marketing will be the focus for Small Business

Its finally 2009, and we have had a HUGE increase in clients inquiring about not only our IT consulting services, but assistance with Internet Marketing and Consulting as well. We have seen a huge increase in our online presence due to our proven internet marketing system and strategies we have implemented. They range from twitter, you tube, SEO, ad words, newsletter software, and blogging. If your San Diego business would like to increase its online presence, call Perfect Integration today and see the results tomorrow!