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The Business Value of Twitter, How i Got to 92/100 on Grader, and other Business benefits of Social Networking

The HIDDEN Business value behind social networking, social marketing,
and social networking 101 for business

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Well 2009 has been a great year so far. In this posting, I will break it down for all those business savvy non-technical (business owners who need to know how important social networking and social media is for their business)

Brief History: "Those who forget their history are destined to repeat it"- Author Un-known but used by Michael Savage A lot

Now that the SBC Yellow pages is the old way of advertising and marketing, online advertising, social networking, and Internet marketing have taken its place. Everything is now ONLINE

See the time line:

1990-2000 Internet wave, a dominant Microsoft, emergence of Google

2001- 2007 Dot Com bust, housing boom- only the strong on-line companies survive, then housing collapse, Google dominates, Microsoft suffers, companies layoff, bailout does nothing for average people, and Social Networking goes from just being for personal use to business use

2008- 2012 Future Social Networking for Businesses- the NEW trend and cutting edge part of their business strategy developed around Internet marketing, SEO, and blogging. It is a true science that takes months to get going and companies will pay top dollar for these services. That is why my company Perfect Integration (Has done IT consulting in San Diego for 8 yrs.) has formed a new division to our firm. We will still do IT consulting for San Diego businesses and keep their computers, servers, and networks up and running and all around the country as usual. Our new focus will be social networking for businesses and how to apply social networking to your business. Our team of Internet marketing consultants we have put together will be the guide for your business in taking advantage of this social networking phenomenon and social networking opportunity. We will educate you and make sure you see the value behind it by education, consulting and training.

What do i mean?- I mean that social networking use to be just for personal networking and socializing. This was amazing and these social networking sites took off. This was the trend and "buzz" for some time, but now I have seen a huge increase in businesses needing to shift their sales and marketing tactics from going door-to-door and cold calling to social networking, social media and other social outlets.

We have literally calculated out the hours it takes and depending on your industry, it could take between 75 and 100 hrs. for all the research, content, set-up, reporting, and analytics to be done properly. All these blogs of hundreds of follows took years to develop a trusted network of people. It doesn't happen over night- that's for sure.

We are now offering our business clients a special monthly subscription to our social networking 101 business kits where our team of Internet marketing consultants implements a social networking system as part of your new sales strategy and Internet marketing strategy. Need more details? go to or call 760-929-2319 and sign up today!

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p.s. i am in the middle of forming a twitter 101 for business in San Diego (more details coming soon)

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