Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I Got a 90 out of 100 Twitter Grade, Generated NEW Business, And formed Profitable Strategic Alliances Using Twitter In 1 Week!

Look at this video and Screen shot of twitterholic.com and see how i increased twitter traffic from 10 friends to over 100 friends in less than 1 week!

Next, because twitter gets info from your bio, and shares it with the world, as you start inputting information, twitter submits these tiny "microblogs" all over the web. You then generate awareness of other like minded, similar industry, and tech savy people with the same societal interests as yourself. Remember, it all comes down to content. This includes up-to-date news, answers to questions, new trends, helpful insights, solving business problems etc. It is endless. It is just amazing at how this tool has increased my business, AND gained new clients for our social networking 101 for small business consulting services. If you would like info on how your business can benefit from twitter, call us at 760-929-2319 and (click here) to start seeing an increase in your business by using twitter today!

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If your San Diego business wants to increase sales of your products or services, we can also give you a crash course on the science behind twitter!

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