Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 keys to twitter success for small businesses on the internet

Seth Godin- Social media/ social networking expert always does short blog posts so I figured I would have a shot at it. I am often asked, “So twitterholic justinrfrench, what are the key factors you would suggest to fellow entrepreneurs & business owners so here are my top 5 CURRENT recommendations:

1. Business & Tech- Being both knowledgeable in the foundations of Business & Information Technology can be a huge benefit to any business owner.

2. Transparency- Try to be more transparent as a business owner- just tell your story online and watch who listens. You will be amazed.

3. Great Communication- but being able to have creative & meaning behind your communication is even more important.

4. Organization- is key. If your business life is disorganized, you may be missing out on business opportunities

5. People- Pay it forward- always give back to your community, fiends, and clients. You will go a lot further this way and remember to have full transparency.

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