Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interview on Entrepreneur Magazine

The question: How Does Internet Marketing Work? What Do You Do?

Keith Tacla states, “Were using social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, and, Twitter to just name a few, and a bunch of other social media sites to blog about your products or services with the objective of building business relationships online. Then once you’ve created followers at a large scale, a pack if u will. These followers become brand ambassadors for your company. They are going to sell your services for you and, that’s what it's about! It’s like me explaining to you how to make friends and, we all know there is a process to that and, online there are ways of making friends fast and effectively for your business and this is where we come in to help you. It’s just like going to a networking event where you may make a few business relationships while talking with people. Afterwards, you still need to follow-up and keep building the relationship with them. The same process in used online except imagine instead, one interaction can turn into 10,000 interactions with a quick click of a mouse on a structured Social Media Website Internet Marketing Strategy.”

Keith continues, “Were specialists in making friends online and, building communities online, these communities have your website/billboard shining outside their home everyday. Soon they are almost forced to, if not DO business with you, then at least they will check your company out and tell one of their friends about what you have to offer. You need to know how to put your website/billboard in Times Square NYC instead of a Corn Field in Iowa. Location, this is what we can help you do with building virtual traffic roads to your website. These communities are going to come together and, this is creating search and it's that simple. People TRUST their friends and if a potential client TRUSTED what you have to offer they will do business with you. They may not TRUST your company website by a quick browse but, they TRUST they're friends' recommendations on what companies are good.”

Keith concludes, “We are pre-qualifying your clients on your products and services before they call so, they already know what they want from you without any selling involved. Just like the selling method I use to have businesses owners understand this concept and, how much they need the power of the Internet to market for them to grow their companies. Now extracting the right friends and groups you find online is where we help you to tie everything together so it’s the most efficient for your company and once structure the monetary results will follow.”

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