Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twitter, Business, and Social Networking Quote of The Day

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I know everyone is busy (as am i) but i wanted to answer 1 very important question I'm hearing everyday:

A small business customer quote:
"So Justin, what is social networking, internet marketing, and this whole twitter thing? How can it help my business? Do i need to look into it?"- prospect

My response: YES! if you want to be in business in the next couple of years you should!

Here's the basic formula for those Math whizzes (im not a numbers guy so bear with me)

Internet marketing strategists = helping businesses build relationships on the Internet = building your brand (marketing your products and services online) appropriately - one tweet at a time"

Social Networking = More Search = More Business!

Then i direct them to my blog talk radio appearance which explains the paradigm shift here: Listen To My Radio Appearance

Or if your a client considering social networking for your business this video explains it fairly simple:

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- cheers

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