Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is It Worth It To Create SEO Links In Social Bookmarking Sites?

This is a guest post from Chung Bey Luen. The writer blogs about SEO and traffic attraction tips at BlogHighlight (http://www.bloghighlight.com). His goal is to help you achieve what you want by driving quality and targeted traffic to your website.

Are the links in social bookmarking sites have SEO value? Do their worth our time to create SEO links on those sites? My answer is yes and no, and it depends on how you value the link on social bookmarking site.

Link Juice

Social bookmarking has been exist in the market for quite a number of years and they did change their rules over these period of time. One of the change they implemented is stop giving link juice to the web pages submitted.

Since some of the social bookmarking sites do use nofollow link attribute, for sure this will discount the SEO value of the link as Google does not follow the link and does not give the link juice to your web page.

For those bookmarking sites that still use dofollow link attribute, it will help to increase total number of inbound links and link popularity. Ultimately this will result in the increment of your search engine rankings.

If the social bookmarking you are using is specifically for your niche, then Google will give more weight on these type of links because the bookmarking site and your website have some sort of relevancy.

Search Engine Rankings

If you are planning to use social bookmarking soley to increase search engine rankings of your web pages, I would say it may not achieve what you want. The reason is to achieve high rankings you are required to build a quite number of inbound links especially for those highly competitive keywords.

But the listings in social bookmarking sites do have great natural SEO value due to the authority of the sites. Your social bookmarking pages have great chance to be ranked highly on search engines.


There is no doubt that social bookmarking listing can send you tons of quality traffic no matter from search engines or social bookmarking site itself. You can make use of these traffic to increase your sales or convert them into your loyalty readers.

Social Profile

Futhermore, social bookmarking profile pages can still send some nice juice to the website linked from that page. People tends to know who is the guy behind the listings and want to find out more. Setting up social profiles with image and interesting introduction is always good for branding, no matter it is personal branding or business branding.


In summary, if you plan to use social bookmarking soley from a link building perspective, I would say this has limited effects. But for overall SEO, brand building and traffic generation, social bookmarks do hold a great deal of value and well worth your time.

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Monday, March 23, 2009


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