Sunday, April 19, 2009

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing

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Are you one of the millions of companies out there today that are using Outbound Marketing Methods for lead generation? Well, have you ever thought about getting involved with a Social Media company that handles the Online approach to marketing attached to your already existing Offline marketing attack for your business.

Business owners are banging their heads against the wall hating their salary paid job that consists of cold calling new prospects, B2B marketing, and going to networking events and kissing the butts of other white collar executives just to get a card and this leaves you never being able to contact that person again. You job is to bring new business in and, leaving you frustated and looking for a better way to market thier business is always a challenge.

Today, things are changing and the way we ALL do business is slowing changing around using the internet for building business relationships for marketing purposes. With close to a billion users online do you think it may be time to look into a Internet Marketing Campaign for your business? These people are online waiting to be marketed to and you should look into being the company that takes to first mover advantage or your competitor will take the spot over you as time goes on. All you need to do is put yourself out there before you competition locks you out!

“I can personally guarantee our TEAM @ SNSD can increase your website ranking (grade) and increase traffic to your website in 90 days or less if you sign-up with us on one of our internet marketing packages and follow our recommendations and actually net-WORK on-line”

-JustinRFrench CEO Social Networking San Diego

Like any marketing plan building your online presence takes time and as a business owners may know their competitors in the real world but, what about the virtual world? Typically in about 8 months our clients see a inbound, pre-qualified lead generation system where you ONLY interact with those who contact you first.

Staying in the office and using social media websites to build business relationships is what companies are doing to stay alive in 2009 and, they attach it to the Offline marketing their currently doing. They know it's becoming important to build a presence online and my company teaches these employees how to make business relationships online at a rapid rate and in the least amount of time, with our traffic driving system behind them.

Social Media companies are hiring for blogger and site controllers for businesses all over the globe and, this is bringing small to mid-size businesses back to life with new lead generation system. Job creation is a powerful thing and helping to get people employed or, at the least give them some kind of opportunity is our company goal in this down economy.

Here a video is my Business Development days that better explains what we do:

Give me a call and we can discuss if your company would be a good fit for an Online Marketing Campaign and needs help with branding your company name online,

Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego


Anonymous said...

Viewers likely would be more disposed to try you if you properly spell "Solutions" in your heading -- if you mess up your own ads, what would you do to ours?

Keith said...

Haha, Thanks for letting me know. I have to admit I not the best speller. It's also a good thing I'm not part of our content writing team or bloggers. They can worry about the little things I'm just building the structure.
Thank you for pointing that out.