Sunday, May 10, 2009

Actual Numbers Revealed on SNSD Online Social Media Marketing System

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Some may question my expertise with Social Media for business. With all of the information and the facts aside what type of results are you producing for your clients in social media marketing, social networking, and on-line marketing campaigns?

I am constantly asked by skeptical individual business owners that don't believe we are a valid Social Media Company- “So if I could get you a budget for your program what would the (ROI) Return on investment be for me?

Well, first off, every industry is different and every company offers something different to the public. Think of your on-line marketing system like a fire burning. The more you add fuel (money) to the fire to keep it burning the greater chance you have of staying alive and warm in the ever changing business climate.

It's all about putting yourself out there in the virtual world of the web and marketing what you have to a large audience. You never know what you can do in life unless you put yourself or company out in the public view for themselves and interact back with you. You can waste your time putting your business in the wrong business environments online or you can work with a Social Marketing Company like SNSD that will give you the short cuts to success for your company. It will take time but if you don't have the time this is why companies hire us to use the time needed the most efficient way.

I want you NOT to believe me when I say that Social Networking San Diego can get your business pre-qualified, in-bound leads from using (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, and Social Media Websites to create buzz about your products and services and drive traffic back to the company website.

Our current case studies (see below) are a direct link to our results. Take what you want from them but these are REAL numbers from the clients we serve. Otherwise keep wasting money on trying off-line approaches like direct mail, telemarketing, and radio and TV that are producing diminishing returns.

So i ask my audience- what are some of the returns you are producing for your customers while using a social media program? If you are a REAL online social marketing company then you should have no problems coming up with a public viewing of these numbers, or maybe ALL other social media companies just have something to hide from you!


Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego

Social Networking San Diego:
Actual Existing Client Case Studies
Company names kept confidential due to confidentiality agreements

Company A
Start Date: 2/01/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 43/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 16.91% (or 5,195,184)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 65/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 16.24% (or 4,547,459)
Inbound Links 151
Blog (off-site)

26% increase in traffic in 3 months!

Investment made by Company A: $1,000 a month

Company B
Start Date: 1/28/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 62/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top) 4.81% (or 1,475,807)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 71/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 4.29% (or 1,316,909)
Inbound Links 53
Blog (off-site)

27% increase in traffic in 3 months!

Investment made by Company B: $3,000 a month

Company C
Start Date: 2/01/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 53/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 5.72% (or 2,857,215)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 91/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 1.33% (or 373,541)
Inbound Links 466
Blog (on-site)
75% increase in traffic in 3 months!

Investment made by Company C: $8,000 a month

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Dag said...

Good article. There is a lot of talk about the ROI of Social Media but nothing has yet been defined clearly. To try to put thoughts on a paper (or adding to the chaos…), I pulled together a Social Media ROI spreadsheet. It is based on work by Charlene Li (Forrester) and Bill Johnston (Forum One) in that it compares online and offline benefits and costs.

The spreadsheet is downloadable at

I am a firm believer that running a business, you need to define an ROI in basically everything you do. Some people might argue that Social Media is different and that calculating and ROI is impossible. There is some justification to their arguments - after all, how do you quantify engagement or sentiment? Nevertheless, it is simply not correct that you can not define an ROI.

The problem with Social Media ROI is that it is difficult to define however Li and Johnston have done a great job defining it. My spread sheet is simply just an extension of their work.

Keith said...

Wow! Great insight and I really appreciate the information you have shared with me in this comment. As pioneers come together like yourself and Charlene Li (Forrester and Bill Johnston (Forum One) it is up to us ALL to find some sort of ROI structure with such a new innovative program for online marketing for business.

I look forward to sharing my interactions with you while running my own Social Media Business