Thursday, June 18, 2009

What are the Top 3 Twitter Tools?


Here are some tools that area must have to be a successful Twitter user.

Google for Twitter

Type into your URL now to see this Twitter Tool.

-You use this to extract keywords that people are using on Twitter that tie into your target market.
-Then you follow these people and hopefully they will follow you back to begin the interaction process remember you can only message someone after they follow you.


Download this tool for the best Twitter platform out today!!

- The tools that Tweetdeck offers are like no other allowing tinyurl's to be made and Retweets.
- Also you can make columns using the search icon for target market extracting.
- Tweetdeck also allows you to see those that are talking about you.


Twitter Yellow pages

- This application is important to use as the new yellow pages of today.
- This is important for Business Development Needs.

We are running Twitter promotions for companies today using these tools discussed above and you will soon see that the amount of time needed on these sites can and will need to be turned into a full-time position for any firm.

Attaching an online marketing department to your business will increase your odds of more pre-qualified, inbound leads working with the already offline marketing tactics you may be doing.

Best of luck and contact me for more info:
Keith Tacla
Vice President
Social Networking San Diego

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