Monday, July 13, 2009

How To Get More Business Through Social Networking

With the thousands of sites out there which ones will get me business the quickest?

Answer: ALL of them!!!

It's not the question of which sites do I choose to get set-up on, people are on thousands of social media platforms left and right but which ones you decide to network on and interact with are going to be the deciding factor if you are going to get new business or not from online marketing.

Building a online marketing strategy is the foundation for any success and turning the virtual relationships you've built and turning them into real world relationships is the key to success!

The top 3 things to get you more business online are the following:

It takes TIME to care about what these people are saying in their conversations and if it's worth your time to try and build a business relationship or not with them.

Every Sales and Business Development person has a target market for an ideal prospect so the question is how much time do you have to search on these many social media websites for a new lead that fits in those guidelines?

To tell you the truth if companies had time to build this interaction then my company Social Networking San Diego would be out of business!

Our prospects fall into 3 categories:

1) Some individuals within a business understand which sites are good to use they just need training on how to use them, this is where we come in.

2) Some businesses have a little time to dedicate for this but, want to work with us in a joint partnership with giving us their content and we post it in a SEO friendly manner in hopes of getting more leads.

3) These Enterprise firms are to busy and have no time for this aspect for their business but, know the value behind it so, they 100% outsource the time needed for interacting online to us. Our content writers will write blog posts and our business development team with forward all leads to the proper sales teams.

Regardless of what areas your business falls into if you don't start putting the necessary TIME needed for social networking online for your business your competitors will jump on this before you do leaving your company in the dust.

You can still do the things you've been doing and get the same results or you can decide to go down a new road that has a proven success rate attached to it.

At Social Networking San Diego we don't care what you decide but, we will be here if you decide to discuss clear next steps for moving forward for the future of your businesses growth even in a bad economy.

Visit our website today and get started or continue to waste more money with old marketing tactics with diminishing returns.

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