Monday, September 21, 2009

Everybody Wants Something For Free...Is There Such a Thing?

In a bad economy such as the one we live in, does it seem like everybody you come across in business wants something for free?

When running a business, spending time on pay for performance business relationship models could really suck your financial focus away from the business in general.

Here are some things to look out for from calls and conversations looking for freebies:

*How does that work?
*Can I just get all the free info I can first?
*Are there any free estimates or trials?
*I'll pay you once I see that it helps my business ok?
*Is there a free e-book I can read first?
*Can we work together on a commission only basis?
*Just show me it works!

New ideas enter the business climate everyday and business owners are very edgy when it comes to investing in a new ideas without any proven track record of R.O.I.

Time and time again big companies will squeeze the life blood away from the small businesses and start-ups that are the driving force to get us out of this recession by making them go the extra mile for them just so the small business can get the big business as a client testimonial.

It's a never ending game of egos and financial wars to take the fittest companies out there and see if they'll survive against the giants. Social Networking San Diego is a very new concept for business owners to understand and most business owners view it as "me too" company. "I'm a social networking expert too, "me too" hire me". If there are so many users out there why couldn't any of these people help my business?

The answer is they can but someone needs to take the ropes and put in the time needed for these sites. If you are hiring a Social Networking expert for your company you have skepticism about who is an expert and who isn't don't you?. Yes, I know millions of users are on these social sites everyday but, how many of them have business degrees with technology backgrounds with a track record of using Social Networking for Businesses?

My point is you can still do the old Marketing tactics you've been doing and getting the same results for your business or, try something different and use a new way to market your business online. Offline marketing is important but, together with online tools could bring in the business you need to move your company forward for the future.

3% of businesses are out there in the world we live in that use Social Networking Sites for Business purposes ONLY. If this is the case and you want to market you firm using these new and interesting interacting online tools then what better than a company in the 3%? This is where Social Networking San Diego lies in the 3% and please set a appointment to meet face-to-face to discuss how we can build a strategy for your company and move it along into the 21st Century.

I guess one thing will still stay the same...content is free.